With John D. Liu

On today’s podcast, you are going to have the opportunity to hear from John D. Liu, who is truly a legend in the regeneration ecosystem restoration community, and body of knowledge. He is just such a wise sage. Somebody who has lived their life in contemplation around how can ecosystems, how can people, how can communities live in harmony in symbiosis with nature?

John D. Liu is a filmmaker and ecologist. He also is a researcher in several world institutions. He’s a fellow from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. John is also the ecosystem ambassador for the Commonland Foundation in Amsterdam. And John D. Liu is also the Ecosystem… He founded the Ecosystem Restorations worldwide movement, which aims to restore degraded ecosystems on a large scale. You are going to be blown away. You’re going to be awakened. You’re going to be inspired. Truly today’s conversation is awakening the possibilities of regeneration. And I just trust that you’re going to love it.

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