Policy Program

Our Policy Department builds political will for the regenerative agriculture movement by supporting our community and general public in getting involved in policy, and by working directly with federal, state, and local policymakers to advance regenerative agriculture.


UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration:

  • Became an official Member
  • Gave advisement for monitoring policy and communications
  • Advised on policy strategy for Springfield Agri (a UK based advocacy group for regenerative agriculture and soil health)


  • Leading up to the film launch we worked to share Kiss the Ground the film with lawmakers. In October of 2020 one of our recent advisors shared the film with Congresswoman Jayapal who then shared it with the new Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee Congressman David Scott of GA.
  • Soil Policy Action: In preparation for the film launch we coordinated with Nerds for Earth and Farmers Footprint to release a website that allows anyone from the US easily connect to their local, state, and federal policymakers to share about the opportunities of Regenerative Agriculture (soilpolicyaction.us)
  • Climate Stewardship Act: worked with Booker’s staff on edits to this legislation for reintroduction in 2021.
  • Biden’s Transition Team meeting with American Sustainable Business Council: Worked with Landcore to present KTG’s top recommendations around regenerative agriculture and brought in farmer expert Rick Clark to explain needs for farmer transition.

State (California)

  • Presented to California Agency Heads and Staff from California Department of Food & Agriculture, California EPA, and California Natural Resources Agency, on monitoring (satellite work from around the world on water, carbon, etc).
  • Worked with Governor and First Partner in an effort to get Calla Rose Ostrander (our long-time policy colleague) a position serving directly under the California Governor Newsom to implement the executive order on Biodiversity and Resilience on Natural and Working Lands (this means the inclusion of KTG directly going forward).
  • California Green New Deal: Advised on inclusion and increased attention on Regenerative Agriculture and resiliency building through ecosystem restoration.
  • Resiliency Bond: KTG worked with over 20 groups in a coalition to help craft this historic piece of legislation.

Local (Los Angeles)

  • Regenerate LA Motion: KTG supported drafting Healthy Soils motion, “Regenerate LA”, introduced by Councilman Paul Koretz on September 23, 2020, which directs the city to identify opportunities to align projects and initiatives that promote biodiversity, establish organic regenerative park management, reduce the need for maintenance of landscaped medians, and convert organic waste into compost, among other projects that promote healthy soils.
  • Regenerate LA Proposal: In partnership with LA Compost, LASAN, LA Recreation and Parks (LARAP), and Common Table Creative, developed a project proposal that would build up a network of compost sites across the city, develop a training program on organic regenerative land management and conservation for park maintenance staff, establish native pollinator habitats, set up demonstration plots, collect data on changes to soil health, and conduct a public awareness campaign.