Estreno del mini documental: Descubrí como la Agricultura Regenerativa puede cambiarlo todo a través del Pastoreo Programado. Victor Mochkofsky de Espacio Abasto viaja al sur de Córdoba, Argentina, para conocer la historia de una familia a la que la forma de criar sus animales les cambió la vida. MINI-DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE! Find out how regenerative agriculture can change everything through planned grazing. Victor Mochkofsky from Espacio Abasto travels to Adelia Maria in Southern Córdoba, Argentina, to get to know the story of a family whose life changed when they started ranching differently. by this video? Whether you are a student, parent, business owner, chef, farmer or a concerned citizen, anyone can use this tool to leverage their passions to advance global regeneration, starting with soil. ―Tell us about your skills and interests and we’ll provide you with an individualized action plan within two minutes. Everyone has a unique and powerful path, find yours today!


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