Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit

The world’s food system is currently responsible for approximately 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Calls are growing ever louder to take immediate action—to not only halt this impact, but reverse it and restore our Earth. The expectation for change is taking hold and combatting climate change will take involvement from the whole food chain and collaboration has never been more important. Transitioning to regenerative agriculture must be implemented now!

With that, we’re excited to announce our participation at the Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit USA 2023 in Chicago from March 28-29, where we will be joining food and beverage brands, ingredients suppliers, food producers, supply chain monitoring platforms, AgTech companies, and consultants to tackle the challenges and identify the opportunities in harnessing the full potential of regenerative agriculture practices in the food industry.

The summit’s mission is to bring together all stakeholders and be a neutral platform that enables open, constructive, and educational discussions to further progress towards the transition to regenerative practices. Everyone deserves a seat at the table, and the best way to effectively bring about change is through peer-to-peer sharing, partnership, and collaboration.

We are excited to say that Erica Campbell, our Policy Director, will be a guest speaker and moderator at the Summit. Erica will be digging into U.S. agriculture policy, through the lens of the Inflation Reduction Act and the reauthorization of the Farm Bill. Erica will address how we need better TA, education, and resources to support farmers and ranchers in their transition to regenerative and soil health practices.

Erica will discuss questions like: What do the next 5 years of policy look like? How can policy support farmers and create security from an insurance, lending and subsidies standpoint? How can the industry impact policy in order to ensure it doesn’t disincentivize innovative practices?

Erica will be joined by Andrew Lentz, Director of Federal Affairs and Agriculture Policy at EDF, and Samantha Buchalter, Vice President of The Russell Group.

Click the link below to sign up for the Summit! See you there!