a man and a woman standing next to a cow.

Annie & Nick Rodgers

Red Leg Farms | Montrose, MI

1. What inspired you to become farmers?

Nick grew up around rodeo and lived on a farm. When he left the army, he needed a sense of purpose again. When an opportunity came up to buy the land, we sold everything – our campers and Nick’s Harley!

2. When did you realize soil was something you grew?

It was a sunday afternoon in the winter of 2019 and we happened to catch 100,000 Beating Hearts on youtube. We both looked at each other and said “why couldn’t we do that.” After that day, we went completely down the regenerative rabbit hole and started learning everything we could to start managing our farm differently – from the soil up.


“Whats the worst that could happen?” We are willing to risk failure – you have to be in order to grow.

4. What is unique about your livestock?

Highland cattle are the oldest register breed of cows out there. They date back to the 6th century and the marketability is incredible. We had a couple that drove three hours to come to our field day just to see them!

5. What is your legacy?

I want my kids to see me make mistakes, fail, and still keep working toward my goals. I also want to educate as many as I can about making wise food choices and how that can affect their health and the health of the planet. As for the farm, we are doing this for us. We don’t plan to make this a legacy.

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