Learn to strengthen your local food system, starting right where you are.

This course will provide you with the necessary tools to strengthen your own local regenerative food system, regardless of how much growing space you have. We will focus on practical gardening information, taking special consideration of the current time we are in.

We will cover regeneration and soil health, soil regeneration, how to grow food anywhere and provide a vegetable garden practical. All gardening experience levels are encouraged to join us ―from total beginner to master gardener. 

The goal of this course is to educate and inspire everyone to create gardens with the power to regenerate land, bodies, minds, and spirits. We’ll provide the fundamental ideas and practices necessary to participate in regeneration at any scale and in any location―from indoor and balcony gardens to suburban home gardens to public landscapes.

We’ll define and describe what regeneration means as a cultural concept, and demonstrate how that practice can be reflected tangibly in a garden setting and as part of your lifestyle.

What is a Regenerative Garden?

Designing a Regenerative Garden is a very different process from traditional landscape design, because Regeneration starts with a different set of assumptions about the human role “as nature.” 

Instead of seeing garden design as a place where we are imprinting our desires on the Earth, Regenerative Design asks a set of questions that help us to see and integrate our needs and desires with the needs and desires of the living body we call our garden. —It’s an understanding that it’s not “our garden” that we own, but our garden that we are.


This course is more than your typical gardening course.

We will learn everything you need to know about how to create a rich, vibrant, beautiful garden that grows food for our families, builds healthy soil, balances water cycles, and serves as a home for all varieties of living creatures, but we will learn all these things as a byproduct of learning something more basic: what our relationship with the Earth is. In learning to become gardeners, we will be learning how to play and change the Earth in her most fundamental form: soil.

By learning to care for soil, we will learn to care for every being that depends on soil for health (hint: that’s everyone).

Learn daily “how-to’s” to be a positive force on the planet. We’ll cover how to build healthy soil, compost, start seeds, harvest your crops, shift your mindset, and meet other inspiring people in your community. No gardening experience necessary, just a desire to learn, explore, and improve the world around you.

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