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Regenerative Gift Picks

for 2023

Our Picks

How we shopped regeneratively this year

Evan Harrison


Wild Pastures Regeneratively Sourced Meat Subscription–grass-fed and finished beef, pasture-raised chicken, and pork to my door from a U.S. Farm in a reused bag that is exchanged with delivery monthly, plus the driver texts when they arrive!  

Carina Immer

Content Producer

This year I’m gifting my fellow clean skin-care lovers this MOON RŪT grass-fed Tallow Balm, which is called “Super Moon Cream.” All MOON RUT products are handmade by my friend in Connecticut, Briana, who makes clean products using organic, unrefined ingredients in small batches in order to eliminate the use of harmful preservatives and ingredients that are often difficult to pronounce! Most skin care products stocked on the shelves of supermarkets, convenient stores, and even fancy cosmetic stores, are loaded with toxic, carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting, synthetic materials that are unsafe and do not regenerate our bodies. The goal of Moon Rūt is to offer products that are often difficult to find, but affordable and healthier for our bodies!

Becky Cassel

Operations Manager

My favorite products from White Oak Pastures and Force of Nature are my gifts of choice this year. And this year, I’m also using Origin Milk products when making holiday treats! YUM.

Gabrielle Lanzoni

Partnership Coordinator

Will be gifting my partner a trip to Sovereignty Ranch for us to stay sometime this winter or spring!

Ryland Engelhart

Co Founder

Embracing Regenerative Agriculture and Healing the Soils, Buena Vida Coffee represents over hundreds of organic, regenerative coffee producers in Costa Rica and the region. Their focus is to advocate for their needs, collaborating with various organizations, institutions, corporations, coffee shops, hotels, roasters, coffee buyers, and consumers to restructure the value chain. My gift of choice this year!

Kaitlin Downs

Director of Development

Rush Creek Reserve by Uplands CheeseI love supporting this Wisconsin farm and treating family to a special cheese that’s only made in the fall from Uplands Cheese! Produced only in the fall, as the diet of our cows begins to change from summer pasture to the winter’s dry hay. This rich milk is perfect for a cheese like Rush Creek, so soft and decadent that it’s often referred to as savory custard.  Each cheese is wrapped in spruce bark, which gives shape to the cheese and imparts a subtle woodsy flavor.

Olivia Wandres

Development Coordinator

I will gift myself and my loved ones the pleasure of a walk or hike in the mountains. Is there anything more regenerative than unplugging and spending time in nature with the people you love? Plus, it’s free.



This holiday season my choice for thoughtful gifting is the offering of Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed products. Following my recent visit to their farm, where I was immersed in a world of hope, regeneration, and environmental stewardship, I discovered a gift that brings an immediate joyous smile when shared with family and friends. The experience of receiving the gift of good food is unparalleled, and giving the gift of a regenerative product is not only a delight for the recipient but also a meaningful contribution to the farmers and the Earth.

And now, through December 31st, Kiss the Ground readers can shop them for 15% off with the Code KTG15 entered at checkout!

Leigh Tarsa

Director of Content Production & Marketing Operations

Dry Storage flour or gift boxes. Dry Storage grain is sourced from farmers dedicated to sustainable practices of the highest caliber. Each variety of grain they mill into flour seeks to tell the story of a place and time, bringing a much needed perspective to such a simple ingredient. Grown and milled in CO, Dry Storage flour is perfect for your friends & family who love to bake!

Helen Thompson

Graphic Designer

Locally crafted goods! This year I’m gifting some pottery that was made by a fellow maker in Denver and I like to shop local maker markets to find new artists to support or if I’m looking for something specific I will check Etsy! Local-first has that extra special story attached to it too.

Lisa Blakeborough

Graphic Designer

I love to support other artists illustrators and Soley and the Bear is one of my favorite spots for art prints, calendars, cards and more. Another favorite is mother-run Eeboo for toys and games.

Kylie Wagner

Grower Relations

I’ll be supporting my local Maker’s Markets during the holidays! The artists and craftspeople always have unique, handmade gifts like wool yarn and beanies, wood cutting boards, goat milk soaps, and marmalades. If they don’t have a specific gift I am looking for, I will search for it on etsy – opt for handcrafted goods over Amazon! I also forage flowers from around my neighborhood and use them to decorate presents.

Leilani Ching

B2B Consultant

Flamingo Estate’s The Cook’s Kitchen Gift Set. The set includes Flamingo Estate’s Cookbook, “Fridays from the Garden,” and their pantry staples Persimmon Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I’ve always been a fan of their products, and received this as a belated birthday present over the weekend. I’m looking forward to trying out these delicious recipes during the holiday season and will be purchasing a set for my parents. A portion of the proceeds supports Farmer’s Footprint.

Erica Campbell

Policy Director

Jasper Hill Farm makes amazing cheeses–they have even won Best of Show multiple times at the American Cheese Society Awards. Their delicious cheese is produced regeneratively, and they do not only give back to the Earth–they have also revitalized their community and pumped millions of dollars back to rural Vermont. This makes a very special gift!  

Ayesha Ali

Policy Manager

I love to cook and bake, so homemade treats are a favorite gift to give (and receive)! This year I’m planning on homemade compound butters using regenerative cream and herbs from the garden, and cookie boxes featuring some family recipes passed down from my grandmother.

Nishitha Donthy


This year, I’m gifting myself Serenity Kids Baby Food and Alexander Dairy yogurt.

Jackie Peller

Booking Manager

This year I am gifting my friend’s regenerative coffee line, Tablon Coffe. They also do a subscription! 

Ally Pippin

Social Media Consultant

As a gin drinker, I’ve been on the hunt here in Orlando for a bottle of Farm House Gin, the first ROC-certified gin from a women-owned spirits company!

Jackie Hansen

Content Producer

I’m gifting my pup some regeneration this year via these great treats from Farm Hounds. They’re all from meat from regen farms around the country! Another great friend gift is regenerative coffee with a locally sourced fun mug to go along with it.

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