We love buying from our local regenerative farmers, but we know it's not always possible to access products directly from farmers at our farmer's markets. The good news is that you can find certified regenerative products conveniently at your local grocery store!

Beef, bison, venison, pork

Force of Nature works with ranchers across the world to bring unique pasture raised meat varieties to consumers. Before regenerative verifications and certifications became available, they created their own standard, the Land Steward Index, which ensures that the ranches they work with honor the principles of regenerative land and animal management. Some of their products carry the Land to Market™ seal, which is the first outcomes-based verification. The science inside of Land to Market includes EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) developed by the Savory Institute that tracks soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem function.

Force of Nature funded a study showing that regenerative beef sequestered 3.5 lbs of CO2 per pound of protein whereas conventional meat emitted 33 lbs of CO2, the Impossible Burger emitted 3.5 lbs, and Beyond Meat emitted 2 lbs of CO2.

Restorative Eggs

Vital Farms began as a single-family farm and now works with over 100 family-owned farms who share the same animal-centered approach to farming. Four of their restorative farms have been officially verified by Regenified®, a standard that measures regenerative practices and ecological outcomes building trust and transparency across supply chains to enable the transition to regenerative agriculture – get your $2 off coupon for their restorative eggs!

Bone Broth

Kettle & Fire makes shelf-stable broths and soups made with 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, free range or pasture raised bones. In 2020, they released their new line of regenerative beef and chicken bone broth. Although they are not technically certified regenerative, they have committed to sourcing one million pounds of regenerative beef bones by 2025. Their products are also third party tested for glyphosate, a widely used herbicide that poses a risk to human health.

The idea for Kettle & Fire started in 2015 when founder and CEO, Justin Mares, was helping his brother recover from knee surgery. He discovered that there were no high quality bone broth options on the market.

A2/A2 Milk, Cream, Yogurt, Kefir & Eggs

Alexandre Family Farm is the first Regenerative Organic Certified® dairy in the United States and also carries the Land to Market Ecological Outcome Verification seal. Nestled in Crescent City, CA these fifth generation – soon to be six! – dairy farmers manage five pasture-based dairies spanning 4,300 acres with A2/A2 dairy cows. Most milk on the market today has the A1 protein, which can be difficult for humans to digest – so if you have a dairy intolerance you might want to try A2 milk!

Coconut Oil, Chocolate, Personal Care, Home Cleaning

Dr. Bronner’s was was a leader for the burgeoning organic movement in the 1960’s; its iconic peppermint soap spread the message of unity and peace throughout the counterculture era. They are guided by their cosmic principles: to do right by their customers, their community, their suppliers, their employees, and the earth – the label reads: “We Are All-One or None!” Dr. Bronner’s, along with the Rodale Institute, Patagonia and other organizations, formed the Regenerative Organic Alliance and developed the Regenerative Organic Certified® standard.

Dr. Bronner’s created a Kiss the Ground branded hemp soap to spread the message of soil regeneration on the label.

Climate Blend Flour

King Arthur Baking Company, originally Henry Wood & Company, was founded in 1790 and was the first flour company in the United States. In 2023, they launched their first Regenified® product, Regeneratively-Grown Climate Blend™  Whole Wheat Flour, and by 2030 they have committed to source 100% of their flour from regeneratively grown wheat.


Lundberg are fourth generation rice farmers who have been growing organic grains for almost 100 years. Their network of over 40 local family farms in California’s Sacramento Valley grow rice on about 15,000 acres. Lundberg helped formalize the Regenerative Organic Certified® standard for rice because its growing conditions are very different compared to other agricultural crops – rice fields grow in flooded, heavy soils similar to a wetland and serve as a home for over 200 species and a resting place for migratory birds.. In 2023, Lundberg released its first Regenerative Organic Certified® White Basmati Rice with more to come!

Seafood, Meat, Grains, Dried Fruit, Dehydrated Foods

From farmers to fisherman, Patagonia Provisions was founded to reverse the harms of industrial agriculture and its impact on the planet by changing the way we grow our food. In 2017, they partnered with several other brands to establish Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC), a certification that goes beyond organic and focuses on soil, human and environmental health. All of their products are either regeneratively grown or responsibly harvested.

Herbal Supplements & Teas

Gaia Herbs has been growing Certified Organic herbs since 1997 on its 350-acre farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Brevard, North Carolina. They created the world’s first herb traceability platform, Meet Your Herbs®, and provide rigorous testing for pesticides, microbes and heavy metals. In 2022, Gaia’s farm became Regenerative Organic Certified® at the silver level, recognizing that quality products start with healthy soil. Although most of their herbs are sourced from their farm, they work with a network of farmers across the world who share the same soil-centric philosophy.

Biodynamic Coffee

Café Altura started as an Ojai farmer’s quest for coffee grown without harmful chemicals and with a trip to Chipas, Mexico. In 1984, Café Altura was born in Ventura, California and became the first importer of organic coffee to the United States. All of Café Altura’s coffee is certified organic and they have two biodynamic coffees, a Medium and French Roast, that are grown using regenerative practices and are Demeter® certified.


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