At Kiss the Ground, we believe that it takes every single one of us to get to regeneration.

Education is one of the ways we believe we can break barriers that have disconnected us from nature. Providing scholarships for this education is our humble attempt to not only stand for soil but also stand for everyone who stands on it. We want to make our environmental and agricultural education available, accessible, and representative of all and hope that this increases the groups we are supporting in their study and influence on the future of the Regenerative Agriculture Movement.

We have created this Diversity & Equity Scholarship Fund to serve and support those who either currently or traditionally have a higher barrier of entry to this education, whether due to economic or systemic disparity. This includes students who are low-income, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, from developing countries, impacted by COVID-19, and more. We consider applications based on an assessment of equity, need, and the resources we have available at the time of the request. All scholarship applications are considered and awarded until we have reached funding capacity.

Please note that our scholarship funding, provided both by donors and an internal commitment, is limited. If you need support, we urge you to apply! If you can pay for the class, please leave room for others in need and keep in mind that as a nonprofit, all of our funds go to furthering our mission and serving those in need.

Scholarship applications for each course are opened to applicants starting from our course announcement, running through the end of the launch quarter, and then continually on a quarterly basis (Jan-Mar, Apr-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec). Scholarships are funded on a rolling basis throughout their application period.

The amount of scholarship funds available has fluctuated over the years. But thanks to our incredible donors we have thus far been able to provide scholarships without turning anyone away. In 2019 and 2020, we’ve offered scholarships in the range from 15% – 80% of the tuition amount.

If you would like to donate to the scholarship program or fund someone else please write d[email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: We are a small but mighty team working on processing these applications, so it may be up to four weeks before you hear back from us. If you purchase the course prior to receiving a scholarship, we are not able to provide refunds.