Empowering Activists for Soil Regeneration

This course empowers anyone, anywhere, to transform into a valuable part of the soil health and regenerative agriculture movements by offering multiple advocacy pathways and by giving students the confidence to effectively speak about and advocate to a variety of target audiences.

Soil Advocate Training (SAT) has been redesigned to include Kiss the Ground’s Don Smith and Finian Makepeace, as well as many other thought leaders and experts in the movement to regenerate our planet. With 9+ hours of content, SAT includes lectures, interviews, a curated list of readings and resources, a monthly webinar for graduates and exclusive access to a Kiss the Ground slideshow for alumni to use in future presentations. Our goal is to provide students with new knowledge and perspectives while honoring the origins of this wisdom. 

Take this course at your own pace ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

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Regenerative Agriculture, which blends modern discoveries in soil biology with indigenous wisdom and pioneering holistic thinking, is a solution that addresses our biggest crises. And yet, it is just coming into the larger conversation. 

That is why this movement needs you! This training will be your foundation. From policy and business to education and farming, advocates just like you will lead the charge towards positive change.

Together, we can do this! We can drawdown carbon from our atmosphere to REGENERATE our land and rebuild healthy soil!


An 8-module program including lectures, exercises, expert interviews, “challenges,” and a highly curated reading and resources list.

Ability to speak on healthy soil and regenerative agriculture as a solution for:

  • global warming
  • flooding, drought & fire
  • human health
  • food security
  • freshwater availability
  • farmer prosperity
  • extinction/biodiversity loss


Gain Public speaking confidence by learning tips and methods to speak about and demonstrate the principles of Regenerative Agriculture for different audiences. 

A professional slide deck to use for future educational talks or speaking engagements.

Access to an online community of like-minded and inspired activists from all over the world.

Peer-to-peer connection, support, and learning where feedback is available and your projects get support.

Lifetime access to all course content, exercises, and action links.

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$ 180.00


+ Lifetime access to 8 modules of course recordings

+ Access to an exclusive community for peer-to-peer interaction and support

+ Access to graduate resources

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$ 90.00


+ Lifetime access to 8 modules of course recordings

+ Access to an exclusive online community for peer-to-peer interaction and support

+ Access to graduate resources

Course Modules

In this module we give brief overviews of how rebuilding soil is the solution to crises surrounding water, food, health, climate, biodiversity, farmer prosperity, and so much more. We also take a deep dive into how soil is built, how it is structured, what it is, and how the soil system is self regenerating.
In this module, we explore the concepts of regeneration and how it compares to degeneration and sustainability. We give you many guides on how to explain these concepts, including how to share the perspective of regenerating ecosystem function and carrying capacity, ways to communicate the current level of degradation on the planet, and how to explain how it works economically for farmers when land is regenerating. Additionally, we offer perspectives on how many of these ideas and views have been the cornerstone of several Indigenous cultures but have been pushed away or neglected by many societies, leading many of us to feel very disconnected from nature today.

In this module, we explore why advocates are so crucial to the success of any movement and delve into strategies to empower yourself on your journey, including how to find your “why.” We also discuss what intersectional environmentalism is and and how it can help your advocacy remain inclusive.

In this module, we explore the world of regenerative agriculture. We explore several soil demos and what they mean; discuss what regenerative agriculture is; learn the six principles of regenerative agriculture; compare degenerative and regenerative farming practices; and discuss certifications like Regenerative Organic Certified. This module is a crucial part to advancing as a soil advocate, especially as it relates to sharing the message to the world and communicating directly with farmers.

In this module, we explore how the health of soil (the fertility & life) is so crucial to allowing plants and the food they create to be healthy as well. Plants and soil microbes work in symbiosis to make minerals and trace minerals available, therefore our health and the health of the soil are connected. We also dive into the alarming reality of how toxic and processed our food has become, and how we are becoming sicker by the food we are eating. Regenerative agriculture can change that.

In this module, we explore the amazing opportunity that is available around the world for water if we rebuild our soil. Our broken soil systems have caused drought and desertification, as well as created heat islands all across the world. This has significantly broken our small water cycles and drained our clean water sources as they are not able to replenish. Regenerative agriculture can change this.

In this module, we explore how to bring these ideas to the world, powerful ways to complete talks, what it means to “walk the walk,” and ways to further your work at the policy level. And, of course, a big reminder that practice and taking advocacy steps is the way to grow your impact.

In this module, we discuss how you can proceed from here, how Kiss the Ground directly supports you in the advancement of being an advocate, and what it means to be a part of this movement. Welcome to YOUR movement!

Finian Makepeace

is the Co-Founder, Policy Director, and Lead Educator of Kiss the Ground and a renowned presenter, media creator, and thought leader in the field of regenerative agriculture and soil health. He has developed training programs, workshops, and talks designed to empower people to become confident messengers and advocates for this growing movement. He has worked with leading experts, policymakers, farmers, and businesses to make rebuilding soil, through the adoption of regenerative agriculture, a key solution to our world’s biggest crises. His greatest hope is that, through awakening to the opportunities of regeneration, people know they can help change the world. He believes that with enough new advocates promoting the ancient wisdom, pioneering holistic thinking, and new science of regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration we can heal our planet – together.

Guest Lecturers and Interviewees

We are so honored to bring you this course in collaboration of people across the regenerative landscape. The following experts are present throughout the course as guest lecturers and/or interviewees.


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Connect and Learn with Communtity

Our journey to regeneration began first and foremost with community. The idea for Kiss the Ground was born in our cofounder’s living room, where various people with different skills – all united in their passion for this movement – met every Monday to try to problem solve. We understand the power of coming together.

As a Graduate, you will have access to our online community of Soil Advocates from around the world – Get new perspectives and answers to your questions, access graduate resources, receive peer-to-peer feedback on your projects, learn about news, projects, and other updates in the movement, and stay informed about new and upcoming courses, campaigns, and events!

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