Soil to Table at Plumcot Farm

Kiss the Ground table display

A Magical Night of Inspiration in Malibu, California

We are still experiencing the magic and optimism generated from Saturday’s Kiss the Ground Soil to Table Fundraiser, graciously hosted by our friends at the beautiful Plumcot Farm in Malibu, California and Host Sponsors Gunnar Lovelace – Social Impact Fund and Kathy Kellogg – Kellogg Garden Organics. We are so honored to welcome so many new people to the movement and to celebrate with those who have been standing with us from the beginning.

This night was a representation of what’s possible when so many purpose-driven people unite towards a new vision for our future and the power of a growing community committed to regeneration.

We want to send our heartfelt thank you to Alison & Alex Hersel, Monica Samayoa and the Plumcot Farm team for their generosity and love. To Gunnar Lovelace and Kathy Kellogg for your generous support of this event. To Dr. Mark Hyman, IN-Q, Patricia Arquette, and Kiss the Ground Author and Filmmaker, Josh Tickell for lending your voices and powerful words to the movement. To Peia, for your angelic voice and a soundtrack for the evening that showed us what a connection to nature sounds like. To Maggie Lochtenberg for your meticulous seed mandala center-piece as a beautiful way to honor Mother Earth.

To Michelle Lainez of Chef Michelle and Co. and the crew, Zoe Nathan and Kelsey Brito of Milo & Olive, Sherry Mandel of Weiser Farms and Tehachapi Grain Project, and Charles Barth of Slow Foods Ventura for your magnificence.

To all of the guests, your presence supported the growing movement to regenerate our planet, and that is not only a gift to Kiss the Ground, but it is also a gift to all that is possible.

Together, we can do this.

Team Kiss the Ground

With Gratitude

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