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Finian Makepeace

Co-Founder of Kiss the Ground.
Finian is a recording artist, activist and self-taught soil advocate whose passion for changing the world brought him to study political science at UCLA. He strives to make the world a more peaceful and harmonious place for humans and all of nature. Finian resides in Venice, loves to make music, build gardens and train advocates to spread the word about regeneration.

Don Smith

Healthy Soil Advocate.
Don is a speaker, teacher, and student of regenerative agriculture and regenerative lifestyles. His talks are engaging, inspiring, and filled with viable solutions to the world’s largest problems. In addition to speaking, Don helps Kiss the Ground with editing, technical details, and infographics promoting soil as a solution to climate change.

Join us in growing the global movement to restore soil! Become a soil health advocate today. Learn how to powerfully present the topics of soil health and regenerative agriculture as solutions to climate change, water scarcity, and feeding the world. When you participate in this course, you’re joining an interconnected group of world influencers transforming the discourse on agriculture and climate change to include THE POWER OF HEALTHY SOIL and carbon farming. In this course, we’ll work to perfect YOUR presentation based on your personal and professional connection to healthy soil. This means helping you find your voice and building a toolbox of techniques and talking points to tailor it to your audience. We’ll have a guest speaker, a field trip, and opportunities to get to know your classmates through partner collaboration. We look forward to working with you on this movement!

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