Stewardship Circle

Join our intimate group of core supporters and pledge a multi-year gift to help strengthen our organization at its foundation. 

Why Stewardship Circle?

Stability is vital to ensure we can plan and execute our programs over time. Our commitment is to cultivate a philanthropic partnership with you that goes beyond a monetary donation, with opportunities to contribute to our vision and participate in experiences that deepen your connection to regeneration.

Kiss the Ground is an audience-supported nonprofit promoting regeneration and healthy soil as a viable solution for our wellness, water, and climate crisis. Since 2013 we’ve inspired millions to participate in the Regenerative Movement through storytelling, education, and partnerships.

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Our Work

Kiss the Ground, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has become a leading voice in bringing awareness to regeneration through its storytelling, education, and advocacy of regenerative agriculture and soil health.

The heartbeat of the regenerative movement is rooted in its stories. These narratives are carried across generations of farmers, ranchers, indigenous communities, and stewards of the earth. We, at Kiss the Ground, are lucky enough to listen to these stories humbly, tie them together, and express them through mixed-media – photos, written + spoken word, short films, premium films, and more – to help bring connection and awareness to the power and possibilities of regeneration to combat our climate, water, and health crises.


One of the most powerful tools in the regenerative movement is education. Through our on-demand courses, brand packages, public speaking engagements, and free resources, we offer several pathways for people to learn and grow in this movement. From seasoned farmers wanting to implement regenerative practices to businesses looking to educate their teams, or folks simply interested in advocating for regeneration, we have something for everyone to get started now. Reach out to us to learn about opportunities to deepen your knowledge of the regenerative movement and become an advocate today! Learn more about Kiss the Ground Education.

Our advocacy team is the megaphone of the organization, thoughtfully bringing important priorities surrounding regenerative agriculture to the policy level and advocating for a regenerative future. Through our dynamic platform, Regenerate America™, we work with a coalition of farmers, ranchers, businesses, and nonprofits from across the US to elevate important voices in agriculture, demanding that US policies shift resources & support toward regenerative agriculture. Learn more about Kiss the Ground Advocacy.

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If you are interested in joining our Stewardship Circle or would like more information, please fill out this form and will get back to you shortly. 

Our Stewardship Circle Members

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