Stewardship Program

The Stewardship Program is an education platform, community, and resource hub that provides education for existing and emerging leaders who want to be stewards of the planet.

The program empowers these leaders to participate in, advocate for, and help build awareness for the need to scale up regenerative agriculture. Our courses are geared towards a diverse audience, and cover a variety of topics, but are united by our strongest belief: anyone, anywhere, can be a powerful and impactful advocate. This belief inspired our four regenerative pillars – Farming, Lifestyle, Activism, and Business – which we believe serve the needs of everyone who comes to us to find their path. Graduates from our courses join a community of advocates, businesses, influencers, politicians, policy makers, thought-leaders, gardeners, educators and customers, all of whom are united in their support of transitioning agriculture from conventional to regenerative.

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We educate existing and emerging leaders about the solutions that lie within the soil and train them to be influential advocates in their homes, communities, and businesses to drive structural change and grassroots action. Our online and in-person courses and workshops support your regenerative journey — whether you are a student, parent, teacher, consumer, concerned citizen, or a business owner.

Every Kiss the Ground course supports our mission of awakening people to the possibilities of regeneration.

And each one is aimed at empowering YOU along your own individual journey, starting right where you are. Are you ready to realize the potential of your participation in the movement? Get ready to dive in!

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