We speak for the soil. We share news that highlights the connection that soil has with just about everything on the planet, educational resources that help our community activate the healthy soil movement, and stories about farmers, activists, and businesses on their path to regeneration.

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A Regenerative Buzz With Our Friends from Guayakí Yerba Mate

We had the pleasure of spending time with Anna of Guayakí Yerba Mate recently where had an opportunity to dive into the Yerba Mate culture and spend time with like-minded friends who are living regeneration every day.

Sourcing Matters Podcast: The Recipe For A Regenerative Future

In this episode of Sourcing Matters, host Aaron Niederhelmanwe and Kiss the Ground’s Ryland Engelhart and Jesse Smith go deep into the current problems we are facing on the planet and discuss a new recipe for moving us forward towards a regenerative future.

Fibershed: Building Local Economy and Healing the Climate

Rebecca Burgess and Fibershed, a national nonprofit organization, are building a regional economy that connects ranches producing wool with artisan…

Introducing The Soil Story Curriculum – FREE DOWNLOAD

The new middle school curriculum is designed to introduce young people to the magic of soil and the fascinating connection it has to the food we eat, our health and our climate.

The Soil Story Summer Camp – Age Range Expanded!

Introducing a new summer camp in Los Angeles based on Kiss the Ground’s “The Soil Story” designed for children ages 10-13 (5th – 8th Grade).

The 5 Keys To Building Healthy Soil

Gabe Brown explains the 5 keys to building healthy soil.

Should You Only Grow Perennials?

Learn why the more biodiversity, the better.

How Does Planned Grazing Impact the Earth?

Learn about a method of grazing management that focuses on the timing and duration of animal grazing that can rehabilitate landscapes on a large scale.

The Movement Through Your Eyes

Co-create with us to expand the movement through our global storytelling campaign.

Introducing Land to Market

Learn more about the first Regenerative Verification for meat, dairy, wool, and leather and why your consumer support is essential to the health of the planet.

The Task of Our Generation

Pashon Murray shares the task of our generation and how it will create more good news for families, farmers, and everyone that eats.

Kiss the Ground Stories: A Love Story

Here’s how Kiss the Ground Co-Founder Ryland Engelhart fell in love with soil and why he wants you to do the same.

Realizing Regeneration: An Interview with Kiss the Ground’s Jesse Smith on Medium

The new Kiss the Ground Farmland Program is essentially setting out to connect restaurants and their customers to farmers and the landscapes that they steward in a way that allows for the dining experience to create value that ultimately will go back to the farmer.

Do you choose what you eat based on season?

When you eat what is grown locally and in season, you are eating more nutrient dense foods, decreasing the demand for food from other bioregions, reducing food transportation miles, contributing to the local economy, and shrinking your carbon footprint.

Healthy Soil Solves Everything

What if the secret to almost all of our environmental problems was just beneath our feet?

Southern Farm & Garden’s Kiss the Ground Digital Edition

We’re honored to be collaborating with our friends from Southern Farm & Garden and to be featured in their latest issue in stores now as well as their exclusive digital version available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

A Closer Look: Regenerative Agriculture Practices

Soil health determines plant health, animal health, human health, ecosystem health, and even the health of the economy - we…

You Live Closer to the Ocean Than You Think

Protect the oceans, the planet and the air you breathe. Help slow and eventually reverse global warming by supporting regenerative…

How to Compost at Home

Waste is a human invention. We are the ONLY creatures on earth that don't live a zero waste existence. THE…

An Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture

Our theory of change is that new views lead to new actions that create new outcomes. This new post series…

Why We Love This Beanie

What if everything was made with this type of mindfulness and innovation? What if everyone committed to only support companies…

Beyond Sustainable: Think Regeneratively

Open up to the potential for renewal, restoration, and new opportunities that exists all around you.

Bring Biodynamic Practices to Your Own Home

Gardeners are always trying to take it their garden to the next level. One gardener, let’s say her name is…

Kiss the Ground Stories: Meet Sarah

"My name is Sarah, and I accidentally fell in love with backyard farming after my oldest of four daughters got…

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