We speak for the soil. We share news that highlights the connection that soil has with just about everything on the planet, educational resources that help our community activate the healthy soil movement, and stories about farmers, activists, and businesses on their path to regeneration.

How to Compost at Home: Simple and Clean

Our friend Amy Smart and Kiss the Ground Co-Founder Finian Makepeace take you through a simple (and clean!) step by step process on how to compost at home.

How You Can Help Regenerate the Planet in 2019, Starting with Soil

The soil you walk on and grow food in holds a secret to some of the biggest problems facing the planet today. Here is how you can help support the solution in 2019 and beyond.

Mindful Holiday Meals

While you’re gathering with friends and family over the holidays, consider making a meal using Kiss the Ground’s Purchasing Guide.

Join Team Kiss the Ground: Media Program Lead

We’re seeking someone who not only has a background in production and media but is a visionary and passionate about the regeneration of the planet.

Kiss the Ground Holiday Gift Guide: From Books to Beanies

From books to beanies, here are our favorite holiday gifts that educate, support and highlight so what’s possible through conscious, regenerative practices.

10 Ways to Love the Soil Today

Join us in showing a little love for the miraculous superhero beneath our feet.

Kiss the Ground Celebrates World Soil Day on December 5th

Kiss the Ground will be broadcasting Live on Facebook on December 5th, celebrating soil’s important role in fashion, health, business, education, agriculture, and all life on earth!

Holiday Giving: Fund a Farmer or Become a Kiss the Ground Member

Help us reach our goal of raising $105,000 this holiday season! Your donations make it possible for us to educate youth, consumers, and businesses, create media, train farmers, and advocate for healthy soils across the globe.

#Eat4Climate This Thanksgiving

Make your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving an #Eat4Climate meal by downloading our FREE Purchasing Guide!

Ensure Your Neighborhood Is Non-Toxic

Section 9101 of the House Farm Bill would block local control to protect children from harmful pesticides. Here’s what you can do to protect your city’s local rights and your neighborhood.

Reinventing the Economics of Agriculture

No longer will farmers and companies need to choose between profit and ecosystem integrity.

Vote Like the Planet Depends On It

Sierra Club’s endorsed candidates up and down the ballot, with details on the why behind each endorsement at the national level (U.S. House and Senate) and local level.

You’re Invited: Kiss the Ground Fundraisers— Los Angeles, San Diego and NYC

We look forward to connecting and collaborating at one of our upcoming fundraisers. Together, we can do this.

A Regenerative Secret: Mini-Documentary

Learn the secret that is restoring ecosystems, reversing global warming and creating prosperity and abundance in this new hopeful mini-documentary.

Kiss the Ground’s Purchasing Guide – FREE DOWNLOAD

Kiss the Ground’s Purchasing Guide outlines how you can eat well, build soil, and regenerate the planet by making conscious purchasing decisions.

Kiss the Ground Farmland Program x Café Gratitude

Kiss the Ground’s new Farmland Program connects restaurants and their customers to farmers and landscapes and illustrates the potential of Regenerative Agriculture through featured menu items. Café Gratitude, Gratitude and Gracias Madre in California offer an opportunity to support this program with their new Farmland Menu.

Y on Earth Community Podcast Featuring Lauren Tucker

Lauren Tucker, Executive Director of Kiss the Ground joins ‘Y on Earth’ Author, Aaron William Perry to discuss Kiss the Ground’s work connecting people with soil in communities all over the world.

5 Ways To Make Your Garden Regenerative

Even your small home garden can utilize regenerative farming practices like keeping the soil covered, not tilling, encouraging biodiversity, using compost, avoiding the use of chemicals and creating fertility onsite.

It’s Not About “Sustainable” Anymore, It’s About Being “Regenerative.”

Press Release: Rosario Dawson and Ron Finley promote an effort to go beyond sustainability and become regenerative with Climate Victory Gardens in this new video premiere from Kiss the Ground and Green America.

Compost Magic with Magician Justin Willman

Magician Justin Willman of ‘Magic for Humans’ shows us the magic that nature performs, called COMPOSTING.

Let’s Regenerate the Planet —Together.

Become a Kiss the Ground Member today if you’re ready to stand on the front lines of the global movement to regenerate the planet, starting with soil. New Members receive 2-free gifts thanks to our friends at Nutiva!

Why The Fight Over The Most Sustainable Diet Is Missing The Point

While we argue over who has the more sustainable diet, agriculture continues to turn fertile earth to desert. The food we eat, whether it is bacon or tofu, is based on an ideology of control of the land. All food has blood on it. —But, it doesn’t have to.

Miraculous Abundance: Farm Du Bec Hellouin is Making a Difference

Using regenerative practices, Charles Hervé-Gruyer and his wife Perrine grow as much food on 1/10 of a hectare of land as their colleagues do on 1 hectare of land.

A Regenerative Buzz With Our Friends from Guayakí Yerba Mate

We had the pleasure of spending time with Anna of Guayakí Yerba Mate recently where had an opportunity to dive into the Yerba Mate culture and spend time with like-minded friends who are living regeneration every day.

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