We speak for the soil. We share news that highlights the connection that soil has with just about everything on the planet, educational resources that help our community activate the healthy soil movement, and stories about farmers, activists, and businesses on their path to regeneration.

Kiss the Ground Stories: Meet Sylvia

"I’m Sylvia and long-term sustainable practices are important in all areas of my lifestyle. They govern my plant based eating,…

Praise the Ways of Pollinators!

Did you know that without the presence of pollinators, many of our favorite plants, flowers and foods could not exist…

The Amazing Facets of Fungi

When it comes to connecting with the soil, mushrooms are king. And the kingdom they reside in is truly unique…

Our Interview with Rebecca Burgess

Rebecca Burgess is a pioneer in local and regenerative fiber systems. I was thrilled to connect with her and learn…

A Re-Imagined California Agriculture

If there is one take away from 2015 being named The International Year of Soil it is this – the…

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Healthy soil is our thing. We share content that highlights the connection soil has with just about everything on the planet, educational content about regenerative agriculture, stories about farmers/activists/businesses along the path towards healthy soil, and most importantly, solutions. If you feel you have a story that supports our mission, we welcome your submission and look forward to sharing your knowledge with this growing global movement.

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