7 Reasons to Start Regenerative Gardening – Online Regenerative Gardening Course

a bunch of green tomatoes hanging from a tree.

Everyone, Everywhere can Garden Regeneratively! Whether you are living in an apartment with a raised garden bed on your patio, planting seeds in a community garden, or growing your entire dinner plate yourself. Yes, there’s technical expertise required, but gardening is also a remembrance of human ingenuity and connection to the land.  In fact, regenerative […]

Yisrael Family Farms

a man and a woman holding a basket of fruit.

A story of love and perseverance with Yisrael Family Farm[/lab_heading]Judith and Chanowk run Yisrael Family Farm, a half acre urban farm nestled in the heart of Sacramento. Their farm is a sustainable community resource, a story of love, perseverance, and reverence for the earth’s rhythm. Just as any solution, it started with a big problem.  […]

Baby Root Farm

Farmer Feature Baby root farm

This month we feature Baby Root Farm, a member of the McGrath Family Farmers Collective. The McGrath Family had been farming in California’s Oxnard Plain since 1865, but in 2015 transitioned from family ownership and management to a diverse group of farmers managing the land who represent a variety of cultures, ages, and experiences.  Key […]

Grow What You Know with Tashanda Giles Jones

A light bulb drawing with gardening tips.

This four-part video series with Master Gardener and Teacher, Tashanda Giles-Jones, offers quick insights and bite-sized tips on gardening and living a regenerative lifestyle. Check back for new weekly episodes.  If you’re ready to dig deeper, sign up for one of KTG’s Regenerative Gardening Courses! Introduction to Regenerative Gardening and Advanced Regenerative Gardening, will guide you through eight […]

Oatman Flats Ranch

A regenerative agriculture field in Arizona's desert.

Oatman Flat Ranch A Regenerative Agricultural Farm in Arizona Oatman Flats Ranch, an anchor of the Hansen family for four generations, has a rich cultural and natural history. Ray Judd Hansen raised quarter horses and grew cotton for 50 years. But, like so many other family farms today, the Hansens were on the verge of […]

Purchase with Purpose This Holiday Season

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Kiss the Ground’s Trio of Holiday Bundles are the Perfect Gifting Solution All Proceeds Benefit Kiss the Ground’s Impact Fund The Climate Activist Bundle – $169.95  20% off retail value + free membership to Kiss the Ground This Climate Activist Bundle is a seamless introduction to our favorite climate solution: regenerative agriculture.  What it includes: access […]

5 ways to dig deeper into your community

A person carrying a bouquet in their pocket on Ted Chamberlin Ranch.

Sustainable Community Initiatives! It only takes 5 minutes scrolling through Instagram to realize that the current sustainability movement has an enormous scope. There are so many opinions on what the “right” way to approach climate solutions looks like. Somehow amongst all of those narratives, there are still so few people talking about how we can […]

Ted Chamberlin Ranch

A view of the Ted Chamberlin Ranch with lush green hillside and rolling hills in the distance.

@Chamberlin_Ranch FB Chamberlin Ranch Picture: Andrew Hill The Ted Chamberlin Ranch is located in the rolling hills of the Santa Ynez Valley, 30 miles inland from the Santa Barbara coast. The ranch occasionally gets morning fog in the summers, which rolls in from the Santa Ynez River. The summers are hot and dry with temperatures […]

Decolonizing Agriculture

a group of chickens walking around in a pen.

By Ben Pimstone I remember the moment I received the shallow ping of the google meet calendar invite to speak with Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, I wondered what I might ask him.  I thought this over extensively, and as I brainstormed, I began to realize that I was so pressed for interview material because the words to […]

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