Take a Walk on the Wild Side


One of the biggest problems with modern agriculture is how far our food travels before it arrives in our supermarket shelves. Bananas certainly don’t grow in New York, and pineapples would not last long if someone tried to plant one in Seattle!

However, all across the country, there are hundreds of native plants that are perfectly edible and can be collected through the process of wild foraging! One of the most common plants that can be eaten is the dandelion, the flower that some consider a weed is not a stranger to salads, but more than just the leaves can be eaten! The roots of the dandelion can be used as a coffee substitute, and the flowers can even be juiced!

In addition, chickweed and cattails are some other common plants that can be found across America that have edible parts perfect for any salad or stew! But remember: always make sure to scatter the seeds of the native plants you pick, and only ever eat plants that you can ID for certain. Also, don’t be greedy: only forage what’s plentiful and never pick all of one plant. You’re a part of nature, so it’s important to make sure that the nature you’re taking from has room to grow back.

Most importantly, after a single foray you will certainly have a deeper appreciation for the sheer brilliance of natural systems!