Thank the Ground: Thanksgiving 2015

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November 27, 2015

Today is a day where the conscious collective reflects on what they are thankful for. But what if we acknowledged our gratitude for life, Mother Earth, and the collection of tiny organisms from deep in the ocean to those under our feet everyday? Perhaps we would all breathe a little lighter, connect more with our fellow human beings, and harness our innate compassion and love for fellow beings who share our planet.
Today and everyday we are grateful for those who are on this journey with us – to bring a viable solution to our world at this critical time. We are also grateful for the opportunity to bring forth knowledge to those who listen and appreciate all our advisers, board members, volunteers, friends, and followers who have supported us on this path towards regeneration. We are grateful for the ability to be a voice for the soil worldwide and bring a message of hope and prosperity to the world. Most of all, we are grateful of the fact that if we take care of our Mother, she will take care of us.