Thank You: What Does Thank You Really Mean?

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September 19, 2015

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough”   – Meister Eckhart

Article by Sabrina Vedete

What does Thank You really mean? When Thank You comes from the heart, from the deepest place of giving our thanks from one being to another, these two shining words become the most important expression in any language, in every corner of the world. Today, we at Kiss The Ground say THANK YOU to all the advocates of our Mother, Earth; by contributing to the success of the Soil Story campaign. With over 23,000 signatures gathered in one month of time, we are truly in awe of the collective, and honored to represent a movement of conscious people who are taking a stand for healthy soil and our generations walking and yet to walk this sacred planet.

Every single one of us is responsible for the success of the Soil Story campaign, making our voices heard to the California Legislature, and giving a big supportive boost to this movement as a whole. It takes a great endeavor to activate on a public initiative, and we take this time to honor you for your time and effort. We see the movement coming together like the combination of ingredients in a mouthwatering (with regeneratively grown ingredients) birthday cake. Whether your contribution lies in the solid base or the delicate topping, without you, there would be no cake.

It takes inspiration, motivation and consistent dedication to transform our world. YOU are our inspiration to keep making the healthy soil movement move across the continents. YOU are our motivation to plant food forests and transform neglected spaces into community gardens for our children to thrive. YOU are the cause of our consistent dedication to educating the public on our emerging ability to reverse climate change and evolve the way farmers produce food through regenerative agriculture. Today, and every day we come to work in the Kiss The Ground office, we say Thank You for saying YES to purpose, to cause and to the pure beauty of life itself. Because it takes every single one of us to make the change, and it’s no fun eating cake alone.

A very special THANK YOU and appreciation to those who have gone above and beyond to support Kiss The Ground’s Soil Story Campaign.

To Louis Fox, Cameron Clark, Josh and Rebecca Tickell, Simon Balderas, Calla Rose, Amy Martino, Kiki Falconer, and Mark Linthicum for making The Soil Story a reality.

To the Jena and Michael King Foundation for their generous donation and support of the project and all of Kiss the Ground’s programs.

To Pedro Diniz (Fazenda da Toca), Bill and Laurie Benenson (The Frances and Benjamin Benenson Foundation), Brandon Boyd (The Make Yourself Foundation), Rathmann Family Foundation, John Roulac (Nutiva), Al Gore (Generation Foundation), Jason Mraz (Jason Mraz Foundation) and Gunnar Lovelace (Thrive Market) for your donations. 

To Jason Mraz, Marco Regil, Brandon Boyd, Marianne Williamson, Nahko, Michael Franti Moby, Rainbeau Mars, Al Gore, Jena King, Gay Brown, Chris Bonbirght, Cunnar Lovelace, Josh and Rebecca Tickell, Paul Hawken, Allen Savory, Kristen Olsen, John Rulac, Graeme Sait, Ray Archuletta, Richard Condon, Vandana Shiva, John Wick, Kathy Kellog, John Chester, Leila Conners, Mikki Willis, Vani Hari, Ian Sommerholder, Amy Smart, Josh Radnor, Jason Wachob, Barry McLaughlin, Café Gratitude, Cal Can, Californians Against Waste, Tree People, Carbon Cycle Institute, and Reformation for all of your help launching the campaign and spreading the message.

And to everyone who participated who isn’t listed here.

Thank you from the Kiss the Ground team.