Grow What You Know with Tashanda Giles Jones

The four-part video series below offers quick insights and bite-sized tips on gardening and living a regenerative lifestyle. Underwritten by Elektra Records with music from reimagined Woody Guthrie classics.

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  • The Importance of Fungi

    Welcome everyone to another episode of Kiss the Ground. Today’s guest is a very fun guy, Dr. Michael Amaranthus, a USDA forest service soil ecologist who retired from the USFS to start his own biotech company called Mycorrhizal Applications. Mycorrhizal is a relationship between fungi and plants to increase water and nutrients to the plant while providing carbohydrates to the fungi. Today, Michael is here to chat about his journey to discovering the benefits of fungi, what this process looks like, and how it can affect climate change.



    A Regenerative Secret

    This eight-minute mini-documentary, featuring Dr. Allen Williams, offers a comprehensive journey into the profound opportunity that is regenerative grazing. In stark contrast to the destructive, environmentally-damaging force of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), the film shows that cows are not the problem and, in fact, cows can be managed as a means to regenerate our land, replenish our water sources, sequester carbon, and increase prosperity of ranchers.