Regenerative Sourcing and Supply is a new online course designed for companies and brands seeking to engage directly with healthy soil solutions and regenerative agriculture through purchasing and supply chains.

Kiss the Ground and Terra Genesis International (TGI) have come together to respond to the loud request from the natural products industry. We’ve heard your desire to work in a way that contributes to regeneration, and also your question, “How do we do it?” This course will create a community for brands to take concrete steps towards regeneration.

TGI has consulted on regenerative agriculture sourcing, supply chain development, and/or business strategy and leadership for Lush, Badger, Guayaki, Numi, Rebbl, Cholaca, Imlak’esh, Natural Habitats. Will you be next?  

Be a leader in the natural products industry by acquiring these skills:

  • The ability to understand and evaluate claims about regenerative agriculture
  • The ability to understand and explain your products’ environmental impacts and footprint
  • The ability to locate your company in a global agricultural context and understand the bioregional context of WHERE your ingredients are grown, and the ecology and economics of HOW they are grown
  • The ability to communicate both internally within your company and externally with your suppliers and customers about regenerative agriculture
  • The ability to assess your current supply system’s gaps, opportunities, and intervention points for development towards regenerative whole system outcomes
This new groundbreaking online course begins on Thursday, April 18, 2019.