Submit A Story/Article to Kiss the Ground

Submit A Story/Article to Kiss The Ground

Write for us! When you write for Kiss the Ground, you can share your knowledge with the world and support our mission of inspiring participation in the global movement to restore soils.

Healthy soil is our thing. We share content that highlights the connection soil has with just about everything on the planet, educational content about regenerative agriculture, stories about farmers/activists/businesses along the path towards healthy soil, and most importantly, solutions. If you feel you have a story that supports our mission, we welcome your submission and look forward to sharing your knowledge with this growing global movement.

A few guidelines: We ask that you please provide original work that has not been published anywhere else. By submitting your story, you give Kiss the Ground “use rights” in perpetuity. Submissions are subject to approval before publishing. Please note that any submission may be edited for grammar and overall style. If there any major changes are made, we will contact you and ask you to review and approve it before publishing. If you have any questions, please email us at

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