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5 With A Farmer is a new content series featuring bite-size and quirky Q&As with farmers and ranchers across the country. Get to know their wit, their wonder and what it really takes to be a farmer in these five question, farmer tell-alls.

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Las Cumbres Ranch

Las Cumbres Ranch

Farmer Jones Farm & The Chef's Garden

Flynn Creek Farm

Jóia Food Farm

Red Legs Farm

Green Mountain Girls Farm

Common Ground Farm

Markegard Grass-Fed

Stefan Selbert
Las Cumbres Ranch (Los Alamos, CA)

Bob Jones Jr
Farmer Jones Farm & The Chef’s Garden (Huron, OH)

Jeannie Blasberg
Flynn Creek Farm (Verona, WI)

Wendy Johnson
Jóia Food Farm (Charles City, IA)

Nick and Annie Rodgers
Red Leg Farms (Montrose, MI)

Mari Omland
Green Mountain Girls Farm (Northfield, VT)

John Parziale
Common Ground Farm (Kauai, HI)

Jesse and Cally McDougall
Studio Hill (Shaftsbury, VT)

Doniga Markegard
Markegard Family Grass-Fed (Half Moon Bay, CA)

Ricardo Hernandez Cespedes
Jungle Project (Costa Rica) 

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