5 with a Farmer

‘5 With A Farmer’ is a new content series featuring bite-size and quirky Q&As with farmers and ranchers across the country. Get to know their wit, their wonder and what it really takes to be a farmer in these five question, farmer tell-alls.

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Las Cumbres Ranch

Farmer Jones Farm & The Chef's Garden

Flynn Creek Farm

Jóia Food Farm

Red Legs Farm

Green Mountain Girls Farm

Common Ground Farm

Studio Hill

Stefan Selbert
Las Cumbres Ranch – Los Alamos, CA

Bob Jones Jr
Farmer Jones Farm & The Chef’s Garden – Huron, OH

Jeannie Blasberg
Flynn Creek Farm – Verona, WI

Wendy Johnson
Jóia Food Farm – Charles City, IA

Nick and Annie Rodgers
Red Leg Farms – Montrose, MI

Mari Olmand
Green Mountain Girls Farm – Northfield, VT

John Parziale
Common Ground Farm – Kauai, HI

Jesse and Cally McDougall
Studio Hill – Shaftsbury, VT

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