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The Farmland Program supports farmers and ranchers in their transition to regenerative agriculture by providing access to soil health training, funding opportunities, educational resources, and a growing community of land stewards.


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Kiss the Ground has partnered with leading training programs to offer on-demand courses that educate U.S. farmers and ranchers on soil building practices, adaptive grazing, and farm planning. We seek to equip both current and future generations of farmers and ranchers with the skills to successfully regenerate soil and create a profitable and productive operation.


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Kiss the Ground se ha asociado con organizaciones líderes en el mercado de educación a distancia para ofrecer capacitaciones en línea a productores agrícolas y ganaderos de Estados Unidos. El enfoque de las mismas está orientado a la formación de suelos, el pastoreo adaptativo y la planificación agrícola. Buscamos equipar a las generaciones actuales y futuras de productores de alimentos con las habilidades para regenerar el suelo y prosperar económicamente.

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Since 2019, Kiss the Ground has supported 30 farmers and ranchers across California and Minnesota with soil health training, soil testing, and mentorship to adapt their management decisions to produce positive ecological, financial, and social outcomes aligned with the principles of regenerative agriculture.


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The Regenerating Communities Grant seeks to support the farmers and ranchers we currently work with by funding projects that actively and creatively address climate change, biodiversity, food security, natural resource concerns, and equity issues in farming communities. These projects seek to drive discovery, enhance connectivity and promote resource-sharing; while maximizing co-benefits like soil health, improved air/water quality, habitat creation and expansion, and mitigation of droughts, wildfires, and floods in California and Minnesota.

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Help Kiss the Ground to further our work providing practical, on-the-ground resources to farmers and ranchers globally, by giving to the Farmland Fund. Your donation will provide scholarships for farmers to attend a soil health training and/or access to funding for regenerative projects.

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