RE:GENERATE Journal Volume 1

RE:GENERATE is an annual journal from Kiss the Ground that inspires its readers to incorporate regeneration in their daily lives through stories, recipes, meditations, and art, this journal makes the concept of regenerative living tangible, approachable and digestible. RE:GENERATE is one way that we awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration!


RE:GENERATE Journal Volume 2

RE:GENERATE Volume 2 brings a new collection of stories, recipes, and voices about regeneration in our daily lives. Be the first to get this next volume of RE:GENERATE by becoming a Kiss the Ground Supporter, and for a limited time, new supporters will receive 2 Journals at each level. These unique supporter levels are specifically designed for “gifting” and connecting with someone, while sharing the mission of Kiss the Ground. 


We can heal the soil, and in turn, the soil heals us. Regenerative Agriculture is about more than just stewarding the land, it’s about equity, culture, tradition, mindfulness, and a healthier humanity.

Karen Rodriguez
VP Program Operations

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