Kiss the Ground, Jungle Project and Sustainable Harvest International are teaming up to solve world hunger and reverse the climate crisis.

Jungle Project is a regenerative enterprise dedicated to trees, training, and trade. Through the promotion of its tropical agroforestry model, it establishes and researches underutilized crops like breadfruit, a tree native to the Pacific islands. Jungle Project works with smallholder farmers to build biodiverse supply webs, and supports farming communities, diversifies farmer production and income, and fosters the investigation and development of value-added products sourced from farmers’ edible forest gardens. 


Here's How:


Propagation: Each breadfruit tree will feed a family of 5 for life. Planting hundreds of thousands trees would feed millions of people.


Train the Trainers: Expansion 18X+. 

Research and Development for product standardization. 


Impact Measurement: Small farmers’ access to small markets, resulting the increase in tropical forests resilient to climate change.


Breadfruit is like a healthier potato that grows on trees! This gluten-free staple originated in the Pacific islands, and it’s packed with essential amino acids, dietary fiber and micronutrients. Once we harvest the starchy fruit, it’s dehydrated and ground into a delicious flour.

Planting one breadfruit tree can feed a family for 70+ years. Breadfruit also requires significantly less labor and fewer inputs to cultivate than do crops like rice and wheat.

Jungle Project is literally growing a supply chain from the ground up. They plant breadfruit trees with farmers in Costa Rica and manufacture innovative breadfruit products. Since day one, their mission has been to build a community-based agroforestry model: planting trees, training farmers, and producing healthy and delicious products.

The perennial supercarb that nourishes you and the planet.

Breadfruit can be ground into a fine, soft, gluten-free flour rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates and perfect for everything from pancakes to pastas. Currently, Jungle Project is the only large-scale source of breadfruit flour made in certified processing facilities. With just a few brands, restaurants, and other purchasers signing on to buy flour and sponsoring farmers to plant more, breadfruit could soon be making an ecological splash on the global stage. 

We believe that regenerative farming will help to preserve the quality of our soils and water and maintain the health of our rural and global communities.

“Jungle Project has shown us an infinite range of potential for agroforestry and the power of organization. The past generation has grown apart mainly due to lack of job opportunities in the area, but working with Jungle over the past years has revitalized our family ties through working the land together.” 

– Farmer Pablo Salas (Pejivalle)

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GOAL: To plant hundreds of thousands trees to feed millions of people.

Jungle Project’s mission has been to provide a community-based agroforestry model by planting trees, training farmers, and cultivating healthy and delicious products. Please help us spread the word and expand the Scale-Up Program.