When Kiss the Ground was founded we had one goal: share with the world that building healthy soil can be a solution to the climate crisis. Now, our work spans 5 programs all working toward our mission: Inspiring participation in the regeneration of the planet, starting with soil. Together, we can do this.
Your contributions directly support our programs as well as our management staff.

In addition to our program work, our team is strategically involved in many national and international coalitions and advocacy work toward our main goal: increase soil carbon & biodiversity on 500 million acres of land by 2050.


We are committed to telling the story of how humanity can build healthy soil and become regenerative stewards of the land. Through short videos, high-level presentations, open source materials, and our full-length documentary (directed by Josh and Rebecca Tickell and Executive Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio), we are helping to spread this “new view” around the world. We’ve also recently added a Kiss the Ground Speaker Training Course to help soil advocates engage with the movement and more effectively communicate the power of regeneration.

The storytelling program includes: Videos, Infographics, Photos, Book, Stories, & Blogs, New! Speaker Training Course.

Contact the Storytelling Team: finian@kisstheground.com

General Questions + Speaking Inquiries: info@kisstheground.com

Contribute stories: Traci@kisstheground.com

Join our volunteer field team: slack channel where we develop stories with volunteer media creators.

Take a speaker training course: speakertraining@kisstheground.com .




Our goal is to increase soil health literacy for children, teens, and adults around the world. The mission of Kiss the Ground’s Education Program is to foster a deeper understanding of the vital role soil plays for the planet and to inspire a new generation of people to better engage with the environment and their communities.

We teamed up with Life Lab to develop a middle school curriculum that allows students to understanding vital role soil plays on our planet. The 5-lesson curriculum, written to serve as supplemental material for the Next Generation Science Standards, teaches about the carbon cycle, photosynthesis, soil science, various agricultural practices, and concludes with a regenerative soil-based project.

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Our aim is to have this curriculum in every US state and translated for global distribution.
To become a launch partner email Jessica.


This program supports the development of landscapes by funding training programs for farmers to transition to management practices that work with the principles of regenerative agriculture.

Specifically, we connect restaurants and their customers to farmers and landscapes. With partnering restaurants, we’ll tell the story of sourcing “Regenerative” Crops – through menu item/items. Proceeds from these items will go towards a scholarship fund that provides an opportunity for farmers to access education, training, and ongoing technical support, with the intention of transitioning more landscapes into management that works with the Principles of Regenerative Agriculture.

To get involved in the Farmland Program, please email us.

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Over the past 4 1/2 years we nurtured a garden for the community at Beyond Baroque and SPARC in Venice, CA. We turned a mostly dead lawn and small native garden into a space with vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, and biodiversity. When we started the project, we couldn’t find a worm and it was hard to push a shovel into the hard packed ground. Now, worms are abundant and the soil is teeming with life.

For the last year and a half, we’ve tested a paid internship program for homeless youth, where interns learn gardening skills, are paid for their time, and then are assisted in job placement in the community. The internship has been very successful and has prompted us to transition ownership of the garden for Safe Place for Youth. We’re confident that under SPY’s leadership the garden will thrive, deepen it’s work uplifting homeless youth in Venice, CA, and fulfill it’s mission of regenerating a piece of public land and serving the community.

To learn about more ways to get involved at the community garden, please contact SPY’s Volunteer Manager, Fatine Ait-Haddou, at fatinea@safeplaceforyouth.org or 310-902-2283 ext. 115.

To learn more about Safe Place for youth, please visit their website at www.safeplaceforyouth.org.



We work with farms and brands to facilitate the transformation from conventional food systems (characterized by industrial agriculture: soil degrading practices, fossil fuel dependence, toxic chemical use, worker exploitation, and inhuman animal welfare) to regenerative food systems (based on biomimicry, renewable energy, a commitment to fair working conditions, soil restoration, and climate change reversal).

We teach the benefits of investing in regenerative practices and supply lines, and provide connections to the consultants and resources needed to guide the development and creation of healthy soil commitments.

Regenerative Agriculture Literature Review (2018 release): This consolidated report will simply and clearly represent the current knowledge on regenerative agriculture and its social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Regenerative Case Studies (mid 2018 release): Brand and farmer regenerative case studies will demonstrate how small, medium, and large brands and farmers across various regions, climates, and soil types are successfully engaging and investing in regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative Business Case (mid 2018 release): Encompassing a collection of statistics and information that supports the market opportunity of regenerative agriculture, the Business Case Study will also identify how farmers and brands might mitigate investment risks, overcome common challenges, and better engage with the regenerative movement.

To get involved in the Business Program, please email Annie.

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