The Soil Story Curriculum

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Our goal is to increase soil health literacy for children, teens, and adults around the world.

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The 5-lesson curriculum, written to serve as supplemental material for the Next Generation Science Standards, teaches about the carbon cycle, photosynthesis, soil science, various agricultural practices, and concludes with a regenerative soil-based project. Our aim is to have this curriculum in every US state and translated for global distribution.

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Reconstruyendo la salud de nuestro suelo para balancear nuestro ciclo de carbono.

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With VERY SPECIAL THANKS to our Curriculum Partner Life Lab, to The Jena and Michael King Foundation for your incredible generosity that allowed us to bring this curriculum to the world. To our friends at Organic IndiaBioBagSap! Beverages for your support! To everyone involved in the original Soil Story project, on which this curriculum was based, to all of the volunteers, editors, and contributors who, as a community brought the curriculum to life. 

THANK YOU for being part of this mission and for sharing this with the teachers, parents, and administrators in your community!


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