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Історія ґрунту



* If you'd like to translate a version of the soil story in your language please inquire at:


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The Soil Story is meant to be shared!  On camera, in front of a room or through social media, we invite you to participate in the telling of a new global story about humans and how we can heal the planet. The Soil Story is designed to be to be the voice for a new movement of regeneration, it has been shared with teachers, students, makers, elected officials, artists, farmers, and now... you.

The Soil Story is open source and free to use for educational purposes.  If you have a camera and editing software, you can make your own Soil Story! We've included everything you need to make your own, including the After Effects project to translate the captions into your language.


Please let us know that you’re making use of the material. We’d love to see the final product!

The Soil Story was designed to serve as flexible content for middle to high school classes, offering a simple introduction to the global carbon cycle that can be taught in one class, or spread out over many sessions.

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