Regenerative Resources

Open-source guides, toolkits, videos, and more so you can learn and grow in the Regenerative Movement!

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Kiss the Ground’s Guide to Regenerative Agriculture highlights the issues with our current agricultural model, covers the core principles and practices of regenerative agriculture, addresses common myths and concerns, and provides resources to get involved.

Regenerative Agriculture

What are Cover Crops?

Kiss the Ground’s Guide to Cover Crops introduces the functions and types of cover crops, addresses misconceptions and provides resources to get started. 

What is Agroforestry?

Kiss the Ground’s Guide to Agroforestry examines the core systems and practices of agroforestry and how they are applied in a regenerative context to build soil health, increase on-farm resiliency, and mitigate the effects of climate change.

What is Biodynamic Farming?

Kiss the Ground’s Guide to Biodynamic Farming highlights the principles of biodynamics, explains the benefits it provides, addresses the differences between biodynamic and organic farming, and provides resources to get involved.

What resources are available for farmers?

The most common question we get from farmers and ranchers looking to transition is: “where do I start?” Kiss the Ground, with the help of many other organizations and individuals, has curated this guide to help farmers, ranchers and land stewards navigate the transition to regenerative agriculture.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Kiss the Ground’s Guide to Regenerative Agriculture highlights the issues with our current agricultural model, covers the core principles and practices of regenerative agriculture, addresses common myths and concerns, and provides resources to get involved.

How many people are already engaged in these issues?

A 2022 study highlighted the rapid growth of the term “Regenerative Agriculture” within corporate and agricultural sectors.

Where can I connect with the regen ag community?

Kiss the Ground’s Online Community is for people to come together around the incredible potential of healthy soil and regenerative agriculture.

How can I advocate for soil regeneration?

Kiss the Ground’s Soil Advocate Training course empowers anyone, anywhere, to transform into a valuable part of the soil health and regenerative agriculture movements.

I'm a book person, what should I read to learn about regeneration?

Kiss the Ground has curated a book list with a variety of titles from experts in soil, regenerative agriculture methods, and impacts.

I'm a visual learner, what films or videos should I check out?​

Kiss the Ground has curated a watch list of documentaries, television series and videos about regenerative topics. 

Health & Wellness

How do I make regenerative purchasing decisions?

These resources show you how you can eat well, build soil, and regenerate the planet by making conscious purchasing decisions.

What are some ideas for regenerative gifts?

See what the Kiss the Ground team chose to gift loved ones for the 2023 Holiday season!

What certifications exist for regenerative farming?

Kiss the Ground met with certifiers to better understand the various regenerative certifications and verifications available to producers. This guide offers a brief break-down of the cost, timeline, and requirements for each certification.

Where can I find a regenerative farm near me?

Looking to buy from local farms that support the use of regenerative agriculture practices? Check out the Regenerative Farm Map from Regeneration International. Just plug in your zip code and discover regenerative farmers and ranchers near you.

How do I get started at home?

Kiss the Ground’s Introduction to Regenerative Gardening course was created to show everyone, everywhere, that they can be a gardener. Designed with all levels in mind, the course begins with the history of gardening and then takes students from understanding their soil and what to plant, through troubleshooting potential issues, and finally to harvesting.

I already know the basics, what more can I learn?

Kiss the Ground’s Advanced Regenerative Gardening was created to offer a pathway forward in the regenerative gardening journey for those who have taken our Introduction to Regenerative Gardening course, or for those who are coming to us with an established base of knowledge on homestead gardening.

What framing am I using to think about regenerative agriculture?

At Kiss the Ground, we invite land stewards to reconsider the typical model, or paradigm, of agriculture. This guide allows you to explore the underlying perspectives and mindsets behind what farmers do on the land and why.

“Regenerative Agriculture describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle.”

— Kiss the Ground, Regenerative Agriculture Initiative, California State University, Chico & The Carbon Underground


The Soil Story

In this tale, science meets inspiration, uncovering nature’s best-hidden innovation: soil. Learn how we can store (sequester) carbon from our atmosphere, where it is harmful, and pull it back into the earth, where it belongs, through regenerative agriculture.

The Compost Story

In this film, discover what would happen if we diverted the 60 billion pounds of mineral-rich food materials that go to landfills each year in the U.S. alone and turned them into compost. Join the movement to regenerate the earth, starting with the soil.

Grow What You Know

This four-part video series with Master Gardener and Teacher, Tashanda Giles-Jones, offers quick insights and bite-sized tips on gardening and living a regenerative lifestyle. Check back for new weekly episodes.


An Urgent Call for Regeneration

An Urgent Call for Regeneration outlines the principles and benefits of a regenerative agriculture system.

2023 Farm Bill Policy Platform

The 2023 Farm Bill Policy Platform lays out what the Regenerate America campaign is and our key recommendation and policy priorities.

2023 Farm Bill Policy Proposals

2023 Farm Bill Policy Proposals – Recommendations for the 118th Congress details key proposals and recommendations developed by the Regenerate America coalition that will provide 100,000+ farmers and ranchers the resources and support to transition 100 million more acres toward regenerative agriculture across the country by 2030.

Regenerate America Intended Outcomes

With the successful passage of a farm bill focused on soil health practices and regenerative agriculture, we envision a future of regenerated soils, communities, economics, and health. These are the intended outcomes of the Regenerate America campaign.

Children's Resources

How can I teach kids about the magic of soil?

Kiss the Ground has curated a Children’s Education Pathway with content for kids K-12, which includes our free middle school curriculum, The Soil Story. This is a great starting point if you are a parent, teacher, administrator, or homeschooler looking to spark children’s wonder for the soil.

Are there books for children about soil?

Kiss the Ground has curated a list of reading materials for kids from preschool through 7th grade. View or download the book list below.

Articles and Publications

Or what we call, the “nitty gritty”. There is a growing abundance of research, articles and information being published about regenerative agriculture. We’ve curated our top external resources for you to explore – more to come soon! 

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