A Message From Our CEO

Dear Kiss the Ground Community,

It’s an incredibly exciting time for Kiss The Ground, our Supporters, and the Regenerative Movement. 

When I joined Kiss The Ground as CEO nearly two years ago, the opportunity to expand the message–Regeneration and Healthy Soil is a viable solution for our wellness, water, and climate crisis, through storytelling, education, and partnerships, seemed obvious. I am so pleased to share that together, we are making meaningful progress.

  • Storytelling: we create and distribute multi-platform content, and now reach and engage more than 1 Million people per month; this is nearly a 100% increase vs. two years ago, and 90% of this audience is new.
  • Partnerships: we now work with more than 25 organizations who we educate internally and amplify our message to their audiences, expanding our reach by millions.

We recently updated our impact language with supporting data, and this summer we plan to release our annual direct-to Farmer Grant program, which will be exponentially larger than last year.

On a related yet separate note, I’d like to share an important update regarding the professional transition of my friend and our co-founder, Ryland Engelhart.

Since 2013, Ryland’s unwavering dedication and passion have been instrumental in propelling Kiss The Ground and our mission forward. Through his relentless efforts and one-of-a-kind inclusive approach, Ryland has helped build Kiss the Ground from a small grassroots organization to a leading voice in a growing global movement, touching the lives of millions with our message of hope and possibility. 

Given our progress, Ryland feels this is the right time to make some professional changes; in Ryland’s own words  – 

“I wanted to share a transformation happening in my life. I am shifting my relationship with Kiss The Ground from working as an employee and board member to working alongside the organization as a strategic consultant. I’ve imagined this day would come for years actually, and now that Kiss The Ground is undeniably in growth mode, this is the moment. I will forever remain a co-founder and continue serving the vision and mission as part of my life’s calling… I have always aspired to listen to the whispers of my heart to inform my actions and commitments.  My heart is calling me to expand my wings to serve multiple ventures, including Sovereignty Ranch, developing a consulting business, and getting more engaged politically this election year.”

While I will personally miss working with Ryland day-to-day, this is far from goodbye.

It is important to reassure our community that Kiss the Ground remains steadfast in our core principles of non-partisanship inclusive work. 

Looking ahead, we are filled with optimism about the future of Kiss the Ground and Regeneration becoming a well-known solution and practice. With undeniable momentum and your continued support, we know we will make this our reality.

With gratitude and warm regards,

Evan Harrison

CEO, Kiss the Ground


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