In the News – Senators introduce bipartisan bill to amend conservation practice standards process

Regenerative agriculture is good for farmer prosperity, and both Democrats and Republicans are keen to champion the cause.

Key to the adoption of agriculture conservation across the nation are NRCS conservation practice standards. These standards, which dictate which practices can be funded by federal programs and provide guidelines for producers looking to implement on-farm conservation, are crucial to furthering the transition towards regeneration but currently the process for updating existing standards or creating new ones is too slow and bureaucratic.

Senators Heinrich (D-NM), Ernst (R-IA), Marshall (R-KS) and Klobuchar (D-MN) have a solution – the Streamlining Conservation Practice Standards Act.

The current process for adopting and updating the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) conservation practice standards (CPS) is flawed by bureaucratic processes that lack clear and consistent guidelines. Our producers are rightfully frustrated by the federal government complicating their conservation efforts. We should always strive to make government agencies just as nimble and innovative as the farmers they serve. I’m proud to work on this bipartisan solution with my colleagues to ensure farmers have the tools necessary to support conservation efforts and help producers leave their land cleaner, safer, and healthier than they found it.” Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS)

Read the full Press release here


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