In the News – Regenerate America drives support for regen ag policies

Regenerate America, alongside farmers, brands, and other groups, drives widespread push for regenerative agriculture in the 2023 Farm Bill.

Alongside farmers, brands, and other advocacy groups, Regenerate America has become a key player in ag policy discussions ahead of the 2023 Farm Bill.  Read in The Hill  how advocates for regenerative agriculture are collectively applying pressure on lawmakers to ensure that the future of U.S. farming is regenerative.

Advocates say that if Congress doesn’t take action to reverse soil erosion — the average U.S. farm loses 5.6 tons of topsoil per acre each year — yields will decrease and farmers will gradually lose viable farmland, a warning key lawmakers have taken notice of.

“If we do not listen … about the urgency of regenerative farming and dealing with the source of our food, which is our soil, we will have a food shortage in this country,” Rep. David Scott (D-Ga.), chairman of the House Agriculture Committee.”

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