Regeneration: At an Awareness Tipping Point

Today, only 4% of people are aware of the transformative potential of regeneration in addressing our climate, soil, water, and human health crisis.

For the past decade, Kiss the Ground has been at the forefront of engaging with early adopters who recognized regenerative agriculture as the solution. While we have made progress with this early first wave of adopters, it’s time to expand our reach. Our vision is for a future where everyone understands the value of regenerative practices.

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We stand at a tipping point. Positive signs indicate that we are moving towards wave two – reaching that next stage of consumers, with over 600 companies now discussing regeneration. Collaboration and diverse partnerships are crucial to reaching the early majority.

Consumer concern for climate, wellness, and conscious purchases is well-established. However, there is often a disconnect between their awareness and understanding of how regeneration directly impacts their health and well-being.

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To bridge this gap, we are committed to conveying the essence of regeneration through relatable storytelling, free from jargon, and embracing inclusivity. Our mission is to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration. 

By fostering a diverse and inclusive community, we can transform regenerative agriculture into a movement that leaves no one behind. Together, we can unleash the power of regeneration, making healing our planet and ourselves a shared responsibility and opportunity.


Join us today. Learn about soil health, advocate for change, and spread the word about the profound impact of regeneration. Together, let’s cultivate a regenerative movement that nurtures the Earth, revitalizes ecosystems, and secures a sustainable future for generations to come.

Written by: Carina Immer


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