Join a Global Network of 2000+ Soil Advocates and Become a Voice in the Growing Movement to Restore Soils.

We provide training, tools and support to those inspired by regenerative agriculture and healthy soils. Through our Soil Advocate Training course and customized workshops, learn how to articulate the case for global regeneration and be a leader in your own community for regenerative agriculture across the globe. 

Soil Advocate Training

This course is designed for ANYONE who is interested in learning more about the power of healthy soil and regenerative agriculture ― and interested in sharing a real, hopeful solution to some of the biggest issues on our planet today.

Learn how to share solutions to some of the biggest issues on our planet today.

We’ll be announcing the next Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate Online Training Course soon! 

Kiss the Ground’s online training will empower you to be a knowledgeable and inspiring advocate for the healthy soil and regenerative agriculture! We can DRAWDOWN carbon from our atmosphere and REGENERATE our land back to health by rebuilding healthy soil! Regenerative Agriculture, which blends modern discoveries in soil biology with indigenous wisdom and pioneering holistic thinking, is one of the biggest solutions of our time. And yet, it is just starting to come into the conversation. From policy to education, farming, and business ― advocates are on the leading edge of positive change.

What You Receive: 

  • A 10 section program that gives you all you need to jump-start your advocacy for soil health & regenerative agriculture
  • Ability to speak on healthy soil as a solution for global warming, flooding, drought, human health, food security, freshwater availability, farmer prosperity, and extinction/biodiversity loss.
  • Increased ability to confidently speak and present in public
  • A customizable slide deck to edit and organize for your talks long or short
  • A community of like-minded and inspired activists from all over the world
  • Monthly “All Advocate” webinars for support on your projects, updates from the movement, and community building 
  • Never-ending access to videos of your course’s lectures + exercises + and links
  • Never-ending access to Kiss the Ground’s Leadership Hub

You will learn how to powerfully present the topics of soil health and regenerative agriculture as solutions to climate change, water scarcity, and feeding the world. When you participate in this course, you’re joining an interconnected group of world influencers transforming the discourse on agriculture and climate change to include the power of healthy soil and carbon farming. Whether it is discussions at social events with friends, family dinners or international summits, this solution-oriented group will be equipped to usher in a new view that shifts the actions and outcomes of our future! You will learn how to compare degenerative, sustainable, and regenerative farming practices. We will also spend time working on techniques and confidence building tools for becoming a more dynamic and engaging speaker.

man speaking
Together, we can do this.


“This course has really given me the knowledge & the tools I need to feel like I can go out and actually make a difference in the world.” – Alana Williams

“Amazing opportunity to not only learn how to save the world, but how to be a confident and powerful leader in the movement.” – Hannah Lacey Riddle

“Our health and the health of the planet relies on a regenerative future and the core principles to implement are taught by KTG Speaker Training Course. I recommend this to everyone to understand the relationship between us and the planet. Healthy soil is the way to a healthy future.” – Mimi Riley

“Fantastic! Rich with information. Every class was filled with Aha moments. I am a better person for having attended this course.” – Annie Tenwick

“Regenerative Agriculture is our future from the past and this class is easy to follow the best path for our food.” – Jude Belanger