Soil Advocate Alana Williams Takes Kiss the Ground to the East Coast

Alanna Williams

Alana William’s calling is to “heal the world from the destructiveness of greed, and reconnect people and animals with nature”. She’s also our brand new chapter lead in New York!

We caught up with Alana to talk about her experience in the Soil Advocate Training course, what it’s like to launch the first Kiss the Ground chapter on the East Coast, and why soil health is such a key global issue right now. 

Kiss the Ground: How would you describe yourself as a soil advocate? 

Alana Williams: I believe effective advocacy means being patient and meeting people where they’re at rather than being confrontational. So, I try to inspire those around me by showing how rewarding and easy it can be to live regeneratively.  

Kiss the Ground: What was your experience in the Soil Advocate Training like? What kind of impact did it have on you?

Alana Williams: I was very moved by what I learned in this course.  Never before had solutions to climate change been explained to me in such a way that felt straight-forward and actually possible.  Afterwards, I felt very comfortable speaking on the science behind this issue and felt driven to share it. Not enough people know the solution [healthy soils] is right beneath our feet!

Kiss the Ground: What actions have you taken as an advocate post-course?

Alana Williams: I moved to New York to study Food Policy to try to improve the laws surrounding agriculture and to make nutritious food and rich soil the norm. Since moving to the East Coast, I’ve become the chapter lead of the New York City chapter of Kiss the Ground. I’m continuing to spread the efforts of the organization through events and advocacy. 

Kiss the Ground: What are your thoughts on regeneration and soil health? 

Alana Williams: We know we need climate solutions immediately, and using deep-rooted plants to draw carbon deep into the soil is one of the fastest solutions we have to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. On the other hand, if we do nothing and let our soil die from improper farming practices like pesticides, history has shown us that even the strongest civilizations crumble without access to healthy soil. The movement for healthy soils is imperative. 

Kiss the Ground: What is the New York City Kiss the Ground chapter up to these days? 

Alana Williams: Since launching in October of 2018, our chapter has partnered with Guayaki Yerba Maté to host engaging events on regenerative agriculture.  We’ve also partnered with Non-Toxic Neighborhoods to ban glyphosate from being sprayed in NYC parks. This summer we will be hosting a dinner series at the restaurants of chefs who share our values of regeneratively sourced food. In the future, we hope to host workshops around town to inspire great minds in New York and equip them with the knowledge to take part in regenerating the Earth. 

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