Y on Earth Community Podcast Featuring Lauren Tucker

Yon Earth
Lauren Tucker, Executive Director of Kiss the Ground joins ‘Y on Earth’ Author, Aaron William Perry to discuss Kiss the Ground’s work connecting people with soil in communities all over the world. Community leader, mother, and influencer, Lauren shares some of her personal story, as well as some of the most advanced work being done at the community level and through business organizations to help connect people of all ages with their living ecologies, gardens, and nearby farms.
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About Y On Earth

The Y on Earth Community is a movement led by Ambassadors that empowers people with practical, hands-on information and inspiration to enhance health and well-being (Thriving) while deeply aligning our lives and communities with global strategies for regeneration and stewardship . By combining joyful practices, fun meet-ups, workshops, and positive, hope-filled stories and celebration, the Y on Earth Community balances courage with humility, action with reflection, and cultivates love (or motivation) as we work and play to transform ourselves and our world. Y On Earth Marketplace


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