Unveiling the Southwest’s Regenerative Champion–Kiss the Ground Presents “Stories of Regeneration” Episode 2 Featuring Yadi Wang, a First-Generation Regenerative Farmer

Kiss the Ground, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to regeneration as a viable solution for the climate, wellness, and water crisis through storytelling, education, and advocacy, is thrilled to introduce the latest installment of its captivating mini-documentary series, “Stories of Regeneration.” This second chapter of the series embarks on an inspiring journey alongside Yadi Wang, a first-generation regenerative farmer and industry pioneer.

Amid a world grappling with the reverberations of climate change and environmental imbalance, our “Stories of Regeneration” premium series acts as a conduit of hope. This series unfolds the narrative of visionary farmers dedicated to harmonizing with nature and forging a brighter path for generations to come. 

As Evan Harrison, CEO of Kiss the Ground, underscores, Our stories illustrate the power of working in tandem with nature, revealing regeneration as the solution to our wellness, climate, and water crises that touch us all.

Yadi Wang’s 11-minute mini doc explores his empowering story of fulfilling the seemingly impossible mission to transform a degraded cotton farm into the first large-scale, regenerative farm in one of the hottest and driest climates in the country, Arizona. Born in China and equipped with a Ph.D. in soil science, Yadi’s respect for farmers, combined with his reverence for ancestral wisdom and tireless commitment to sustainability, spurred him to embark on a pioneering journey as a first-generation farmer in the United States. A living testament to the potency of uniting generations and perspectives, Wang’s legacy echoes loudly, reverberating the essence of community and collaboration inherent in regenerative practices.

“I am honored to be a part of Kiss the Ground’s Stories of Regeneration film series. Through my journey, I strive to set a positive example for my children and inspire others to make a difference in their communities. By embracing regenerative practices, we can create a better place for future generations.” – Yadi Wang

This film, coupled with its series counterparts, showcases the boundless potential of regeneration. The series paints a tapestry of ingenious strategies, encompassing animal integration, multi-cropping, cover cropping, reduced tillage, and minimal soil disturbance techniques. In unison, these methodologies rejuvenate arduous terrains, birthing thriving ecosystems that nourish both farmers and neighboring communities.

The curtain rises on this next captivating mini-documentary on August 22, 2023. 

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