Kiss the Ground Premieres on Netflix, September 22nd

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The moment we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Kiss the Ground Movie is available to stream on Netflix, September 22nd!

Narrated and featuring Woody Harrelson, Kiss the Ground is an inspiring and groundbreaking film that revels the first viable solution to our climate crisis. Kiss the Ground reveals that, by regenerating the world’s soils, we can completely and rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems and create abundant food supplies. Using compelling graphics and visuals, along with striking NASA and NOAA footage, the film artfully illustrates how, by drawing down atmospheric carbon, soil is the missing piece of the climate puzzle.
This movie is positioned to catalyze a movement to accomplish the impossible – to solve humanity’s greatest challenge, to balance the climate, and to secure our species’ future.

In the words of our friend and film partner, Ian Somerhalder, “We can get the Earth back to the Garden of Eden that it once was by regeneration.”

We’d be so appreciative of your support in spreading the word about the film. Here are some ways to do so:
Thank you for all of your continued support in making our mission of awakening people to the possibilities of regeneration a reality. We are so grateful to be on this path together.
Together, we can do this. Here we go!
With immense appreciation,
Team Kiss the Ground


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