We're committed to uplifting land stewards leading the charge of regenerating the world’s soils and directly contributing to their empowerment.

At Kiss the Ground, we’re committed to uplifting farmers and ranchers who are leading the charge of regenerating the world’s soils and directly contributing to their empowerment and success. That commitment inspired us to create a Farmland Program in which we provide the necessary support farmers, organizations, and citizens need in order to shift their management decisions and purchasing habits to produce positive ecological outcomes. Our intent is to harness the power of philanthropists, businesses, and individual donations to support on-the-ground change towards local, regional, and global food economy that improves soils, watershed health, biodiversity and farmer livelihoods.

The Farmland Program supports the growth of healthy soils on agricultural land by providing access to education, soil health services (testing & monitoring), and mentorship for farmers ranchers, and other agricultural professionals. Members of the program have access to our online resource hub, as well as our robust networking platform of alumni, producers, policy makers, and others in the agriculture community. Signup for either the Regenerative Transition Program or simply register for a soil health course with us or one of our affiliates.

Our goal is to engage with land stewards in a way that better equips them to make context-specific decisions and adapt their management practices to benefit the financial, ecological, and social conditions on which their agricultural operations depend. We are firm believers that every person is on their own unique journey, and at any point in time, anyone can take a positive step to contribute to a regenerative system of agriculture.

The Regenerative Transition Grant

(Currently available for California and Minnesota producers)

The Regenerative Transition Program provides holistic support to farmers, ranchers and land stewards through training in the field of regenerative agriculture, one-on-one mentorship, and soil testing to gather data and give feedback on baseline soil health information on the farmland they manage.

*Program pricing depends on course selection, management practices and soil health indicators. Please fill out the form to get a quote.

Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship Program

If you need financial support to participate in the Transition Program or to attend a soil health training, please email [email protected] or fill out the application form below. We have a limited number of scholarships available that are funded by a combination of corporate and individual donations, grants, and collaborations between local farms and restaurants.

Individuals who qualify include those who identify as African American, Native American, Indigenous, Latinx/ Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islanders, LGBTQIA+, low-income, and/or women farmers.

Regenerative Training Course

A new educational opportunity for farmers and individuals, presented by Kiss the Ground. Join the waitlist now to be the first to know when enrollment opens.

The Regenerative Training Scholarship

The Regenerative Training Scholarship assists farmers and individuals with the cost of this training, applicants can apply for full or partial scholarships. A significant portion will go to farmers who need less intensive support or a lower commitment entryway into the program. Additionally, scholarships will be granted to staff at government agriculture and food agencies and university professors and students teaching and studying relevant fields.

Meet the Farmers

Introducing the farmers & ranchers who are currently part of Kiss the Ground’s Farmland Program.

Restaurants & Chefs

Restaurants have become the epicenter of our food culture, where chefs have the opportunity to lead a new generation of conscious customers. One of the Farmland Program’s goals is to grow a network of producers focused on providing the supply necessary to scale up good food purchasing at all levels. Kiss the Ground will continue to support our chef’s by helping them bring ingredients into their kitchens that directly benefit soil health on American farmlands. We will also continue to tell the story of how the ingredients were produced, who produced them, and what the impact of the production is on our ecosystem.

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