Uplifting land stewards leading the charge of regenerating the world’s soils.

At Kiss the Ground, we’re committed to uplifting farmers and ranchers who are leading the charge of regenerating the world’s soils and directly contributing to their empowerment and success. That commitment inspired us to create a Farmland Program in which we provide the necessary support farmers, organizations, and citizens need in order to shift their management decisions and purchasing habits to produce positive ecological outcomes. Our intent is to harness the power of philanthropists, businesses, and individual donations to support on-the-ground change towards local, regional, and global food economy that improves soils, watershed health, biodiversity and farmer livelihoods. Our goal is to engage with land stewards in a way that better equips them to make context-specific decisions and adapt their management practices to benefit the financial, ecological, and social conditions on which their agricultural operations depend

Farmland Transition Program

(Currently available for California and Minnesota producers)

The Farmland Transition Fund provides farmers with grants to support their transition to regenerative agriculture. Investing in farmers is the most direct way to build healthy soils and achieve the many other extraordinary benefits of regenerating agricultural landscapes. Individuals, brands, and foundations can channel their resources to the farmers bearing the incredible responsibility of stewarding land and growing food through this fund.

*Program pricing depends on course selection, management practices and soil health indicators. Please fill out the form to get a quote.

Farmer Transition Grants

At Kiss the Ground, we believe that it takes every single one of us to get to regeneration. Our Farmer Transition Program, which helps farmers transition to a regenerative agriculture model, is one of the ways we believe we can break barriers that have disconnected us from nature. Providing scholarships for this education is our humble attempt to not only stand for soil but also stand for everyone who stands on it. We want to make agricultural education available, accessible, and inclusive to all.

We have created this Farmer Transition Grant to serve and support those who currently or traditionally have a higher barrier of entry to this education, whether due to economic or systemic disparity. We consider applications based on an assessment of equity, need, and the resources we have available at the time of the request. All grant applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis and awarded until we have reached funding capacity.

Please note that our grant funding, provided by a combination of corporate and individual donations, grants, and collaborations between local farms and restaurants, is limited. If you need support, we urge you to apply! If you can pay for the program, please leave room for others in need and keep in mind that as a nonprofit, all of our funds go to furthering our mission and serving those in need.

*If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Regenerative Training Course

A new educational opportunity for farmers and individuals. Join the waitlist now to be the first to know when enrollment opens.

Meet the Farmers

Introducing the farmers & ranchers who are currently part of Kiss the Ground’s Farmland Program.

Brand Partnerships

If you are a business or brand interested in partnering within our Farmland Program, please reach out to [email protected]

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