Supporting the Growth of Healthy Soils on American Farmlands

The Kiss the Ground Farmland Program supports the growth of healthy soils on American farmlands by providing access to education and soil health services for farmers and ranchers. Our goal is to engage with land stewards in a way that better equips them to make context-specific decisions and adapt their management practices to benefit the financial, ecological and social conditions on which their agricultural operations depend. 

The Farmland Program provides the necessary resources producers and those outside the farming community need to successfully transition towards working agricultural landscapes that are contributing to a healthy living ecosystem. We have created two funding pathways to reduce or eliminate barriers related to the cost of training focused on regenerative farming and improving soil health. 

The Regenerative Transition Grant provides soil health training, soil testing and resourcing time for farmers/ranchers. In year one of the program we take baseline soil testing to provide a benchmark for analyzing the effectiveness of a management protocol and highlight specific practices and their contribution to farmland health as it changes over time. Through this process, each producer will work with the Farmland Program Director and consultant to incorporate the lessons from the training programs and soil health data into actionable ‘on-farm’ trials. 


In order to participate, our producers must be 18 years of age or older, actively managing on-farm operations, ready to trial and implement regenerative agricultural principles, and have access to their land for at least 5 years. There is a mandatory $100 fee to participate in the course which goes directly back into funding more farmer scholarships. Lastly, our farmers must allow and be present for soil health testing (reports shared with the farmer) and for Kiss the Ground to maintain results within our database associated with GPS waypoints of fields tested (no contact information will be provided).

We are firm believers that every person is on their own unique journey, and at any point in time, anyone can take a positive step to contribute to a regenerative system of agriculture. 

The program is funded by a combination of corporate and individual donations, grants, and collaborations between local farms and restaurants.

Regenerative Agriculture 101

Regenerative Agriculture 101 is a 25-hour online course that provides farmers, individuals, and groups with foundational knowledge on soil health and regenerative farming and ranching techniques. Who is this course for: farmers, ranchers, individuals, students, businesses, organizations, institutions, policy workers, healthcare providers, and others within and outside of the farming community looking to deepen their knowledge of soil health and regenerative agriculture. If you own land and need technical assistance to support your transition, you can engage with one of our training partners. The cost of this training is $850.

The Regenerative Training Scholarship

The Regenerative Training Scholarship assists farmers and individuals with the cost of this training, applicants can apply for full or partial scholarships. A significant portion will go to farmers who need less intensive support or a lower commitment entryway into the program. Additionally, scholarships will be granted to staff at government agriculture and food agencies and university professors and students teaching and studying relevant fields.

Farmer Scholarships

Apply for scholarships anytime through our online application form. The Regenerative Transition Grant has review periods twice per year, once in the Spring and again in the Fall. The deadline for Spring 2020 has been extended due to COVID-19 until July 31st. Applicants will be notified by August 31st. We will begin taking applications for the Regenerative Training Scholarship and will notify applicants by August 31st. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

The next scholarship application period for all US residents will open August 31, 2020. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Meet the Farmers

Introducing the farmers & ranchers who are currently part of Kiss the Ground’s Farmland Program.

Restaurants & Chefs

Restaurants have become the epicenter of our food culture, where chefs have the opportunity to lead a new generation of conscious customers. One of the Farmland Program’s goals is to grow a network of producers focused on providing the supply necessary to scale up good food purchasing at all levels. Kiss the Ground will continue to support our chef’s by helping them bring ingredients into their kitchens that directly benefit soil health on American farmlands. We will also continue to tell the story of how the ingredients were produced, who produced them, and what the impact of the production is on our ecosystem.

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