Supporting the Growth of Healthy Soils on American Farmlands

Our Farmer Scholarship Program is a three-year program that provides comprehensive support to farmers seeking to build their soil health and practice regenerative agriculture. During its creation, we sought out world-renowned farmer trainers and asked how we could be most impactful with these scholarships based on their real-life experiences. Our goal is to engage with land stewards in a way that better equips them to make context specific decisions and adapt their management practices to benefit the financial, ecological, and social conditions on which their agricultural operations depend.

The program is funded by a combination of corporate and individual donations, grants, and collaborations between local farms and restaurants.

Our Training Partners

Our Restaurant Partners

Our Corporate Partners

Farmers & Ranchers

The Kiss the Ground Farmland Program funds training, soil testing, and consulting time for producers. The California scholarship application period is NOW OPEN.

Restaurants & Chefs

Restaurants have become the epicenter of our food culture, where chefs have the opportunity to lead a new generation of conscious customers. One of the Farmland Program’s goals is to grow a network of producers focused on providing the supply necessary to scale up good food purchasing at all levels. Kiss the Ground will continue to support our chef’s by helping them bring ingredients into their kitchens that directly benefit soil health on American farmlands. We will also continue to tell the story of how the ingredients were produced, who produced them, and what the impact of the production is on our ecosystem.

Fund a Farmer Scholarship

‘Fund a Farmer’ with a one-time donation of $8,000. Our Farmland Program provides scholarships for producers to attend trainings and provides the technical support needed for them to successfully transition to soil focused regenerative agricultural management practices. Our cost to support one producer through training, consulting, and soil testing is $8,000.