Our Commitments

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September 22, 2020 

Our Vision

Our vision comes from our heart. Earth is thriving because humanity is in balance with all living systems. Reverence and interconnection are the foundation of our relationship with nature. Our participation in ecosystem regeneration is restoring the health of soil, water, the atmosphere, and communities. Humans have embraced their role as caretakers of the planet and each other.

Our Commitments

Together with our many partners, we are committed to sharing hopeful stories about the “new, old solution” to balancing our climate by building healthy soil. We are committed to our mission of awakening people to the possibilities of regeneration, to providing everyone with the pathways to find their unique way forward and the resources to do so. We also know this story of regeneration is not just ours to tell and we are committed to sharing a greater diversity of stories on regenerative agriculture from communities all around the world who have been engaging in these practices for generations. We are committed to empowering individuals to become powerful and impactful advocates through our Stewardship Program and to support farmers and ranchers to transition their land with a robust scholarship program.

Both as an organization and as individuals we are committed to asking ourselves how we truly stand up for not just the soil, but all the people who stand on it, and to working together with our community to create more equity, diversity, and a movement where everyone feels honored for their contributions, both historically and moving forward.

Our commitments to equity, diversity, and healing:

  • Scholarships: We reserve scholarships for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). This applies to our Farmland Program, which supports producers (farmers and ranchers) in transitioning landscapes and adopting management practices aligned with the principles of regenerative agriculture, as well as our Stewardship Educational Program, which we are significantly expanding this year as we build upon our Soil Advocate Training and Regenerative Gardening course offerings.
  • Diversity Within Our Educational Offerings: We have integrated the principles of Intersectional Environmentalism and diversity training into our Stewardship course offerings. We are diversifying our course offerings, course partners, and our library of resources to represent all voices.
  • Internal Training: We are embarking on ongoing racial representation and equity training for our team and Board of Directors and invite other environmental groups to join us. We have committed to uncovering and working through our limiting blocks in order to better serve all communities through our work and our mission. 
  • Media: We will share more BIPOC stories and continuously amplify BIPOC voices on all of our media platforms. Currently, we are working with Big Picture Ranch, the film team who created the Kiss the Ground full-length feature film, to develop a shorter educational film cut, which will go deeper as to the diverse historical roots of these practices. These cuts will be distributed for free to over 100K schools in 44 countries.
  • Diversified Teams: We have expanded our Board of Directors and our Advisory Council to represent diverse voices that influence our work. We will continue to increase representation on our team and our internship program. 
  • Ongoing: We will continue to listen, learn, grow and integrate internal policies that support equity in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender.

To all reading, thank you for taking part in our work at Kiss the Ground thus far. We are grateful for your active participation and inspiration as we realize the potential of regeneration, together.

The work and healing continue. 

With love,
Team Kiss the Ground


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